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SongsBand or Artist
Satisfaction, Paint It Black
Josie, Carousel
Kim and Jessie, Up!
The District Sleeps Alone Tonight, Clark Gable
Such Great Heights, Southern Anthem
Through Being Cool, At Your Funeral
How Soon Is Now?, Still Ill
Steady as She Goes, Hold Up
Polly, Rape Me
Brick, Song For The Dumped
Everything Must Go!, The Reasons
London Calling, Death or Glory
Time To Pretend, Kids
Rapture, Big Trucks
Bad, Beat It
Monkey Wrench, Big Me
Seventeen Years, Spanish Armada
The Underdog, I Turn My Camera On
Floating Vibes, Swim
Vietnow, Calm Like a Bomb
Maps, Y Control
Life On Mars, The Man Who Sold the World
Fake Empire, Brainy
She Don't Use Jelly, Fight Test
Paddling Ghost, Wham City
Cry Me a River, My Love
Beach Comber, Pool Swimmers
More Than A Feeling, Smokin
Porcelain, Bodyrock
Float On, 3rd Planet
Halfway Home, Wolf Like Me
Shelter 2, Everybody Knows
Two Weeks, Knife
Southern Man, After the Goldrush
What Would I Want? Sky, Fireworks
White Winter Hymnal, Blue Ridge Mountains
Everybody Hurts, Band and Blame
SongsBand or Artist
Skinny Love, Re: Stacks
Close To Me, Lovesong
60 Feet Tall, I Cut Like A Buffalo
Helicopter, Banquet
Lust For Life, Hellhole Ratrace
Last Nite, Trying Your Luck
Is There a Ghost, Great Salt Lake
Needle In the Hay, Alameda
Jizz In My Pants, We Like Sportz
Title and Registration, No Sunlight
Dream On, Sweet Emotion
Born To Run, The River
Tiny Dancer, Rocket Man
All I Really Want, You Oughta Know
War on War, Pot Kettle Black
Root Down, She's Craft
Sovay, Anonanimal
Jude Law and a Semester Abroad, Limousine
Soft Pyramids, Wonderful People
Tired Of Sex, My Name is Jonas
Walk on the Wild Side, Satellite of Love
Obstacle 1, Slow Hands
Chicago, Holland
O Valencia!, July, July
Graduate, Non-Dairy Creamer
Off the Record, Evil Urges
Shiver, The Scientist
King of Carrot Flowers Pt1, Two-Headed Boy
Agenda Suicide, Call Call
Someone Great, All My Friends
A-Punk, Cousins
Young Adult Fiction, Contender
Little Secrets, The Reeling
Easy/Lucky/Free, Lua
Idiot Wind, Highway 61 Revisited
Wake Up, Neon Bible
Young Hearts Spark Fire, Wet Hair
SongsBand or Artist
Stillness is the Move, Temecula Sunrise
Daylight, Good Ol Fashioned Nightmare
Icky Thump, Fell In Love With a Girl
Time To Dance, We're So Starving
Anthem, So I Fall Again
Anne Disaster, Wasted and Ready
VCR, Crystalised
Lisztomania, 1901
Jeremy, Daughter
Broken Promise Ring, My Hotel Year
God Only Knows, Wouldn't It Be Nice
Brain Stew, Longview
Under the Bridge, My Friends
Hit or Miss, Head On Collision
Spidersong, Admit It!!!
While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Get Back
The Distance, Never There
Loser, Lazy Flies
Comfy in Nautica, Bros
Father and Son, Peace Train
Ramble On, Going To California
Stuck Between Stations, The Swish
99 Problems, Threat
Saint Simon, New Slang
Tokyo Darling, Zebra
Sunday Bloody Sunday, Bad
Here Comes Your Man, Where is my Mind?
Like a Movie, Just Rock and Roll
Mysterons, Machine Gun
Our House, Teach Your Children
Lose Yourself, Stan
Jesus Walks, Hey Mama
Everything in Its Right Place, High and Dry
Change, No Rain
Take Me Out, The Fallen
Stupid Kid, Clavicle

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