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MoveWrestlerMain Accomplishments
450┬║Splash4x ECW TV Champion, 1x ECW Tag Team, 1x WCW Tag Team
Superplex1xWWF World Tag Team, 1xWWF/NJPW Jr Heavy.
DDT1x SMW Champion
Superkick1xUWA/WWF Light Heavy Champion
STF, German Suplex, Lou Thesz Press, Powerbomb4xNWA World Champion, 2x(Original)World Heavyweight, 2xAWA Champion,
Michinoku Driver, Senton Atomico1x IWGP Jr Heavy, 1x IWGP Jr Tag Team, 1xJ-Crown, 2x UWA/WWF Light Heavy Champion
Shooting Star Press11xIWGP Jr Heavy, 6xIWG Jr Tag Team, 1x J-Crown, 1xWCW Light Heavy Champion
Vertical Suplex Powerbomb3xAJPW Triple Crown, 1xGHC Heavy
Go To Sleep/Inverted Go To Sleep1xGHC Heavy, 3xGHC Jr Heavy, 3xGHC Jr Tag Team, 1xGHC Tag Team.
Rivera Cloverleaf, Cravate Suplex1xPWG Heavy, 2xROH Tag Team, 1xCZW Heavy, 4xIWA-MS Heavy
Arm Trap Cross Legged STF2xWWE Intercontinental, 5xWWF Hardcore, 4xWWF European, 4xWCW TV, Former King of the Ring Winner
Diving Headbutt7xNWA World Champion, 1xNWA US Champion
Corner Avalanche6xWCW Champion, 2x NWA Champion, 4xTNA Champion
Oklahoma Stampede1xAJPW Triple Crown, 2xWCW Tag Team Champion, 1x NWA US Tag Team Champion
Figure Four Leglock1xWWWF Heavy, 5x World Heavy,3x (Ohio Version)AWA Champion, 1xNWA Heavy
Shining Wizard, Muta Lock3xAJPW Triple Crown, 4xIWGP Heavy, 1xNWA Heavy, 1x WCW TV, 1xWCW Tag Team
Phoenix Splash3xFMW Brass Knuckles, 1xAJPW All Asia Tag Team
Asai DDT, Asai Moonsault, Dragon Bomb, Dragonsteiner1xAJPW Jr Heavy, 2xNWA Middleweight, 2xIWGP Jr, J-Crown, 2xWCW Cruiser, 2x WCW TV
Gory Special, Camel Clutch2xNWA Light Heavy, 1xNWA Welterweight
Frogsplash1xAAA Campeonato de Parejas, 1x NWA PN TV Champion
Crossface Chickenwing2xWWWF/WWF Champion,1xWWF Tag Team
MoveWrestlerMain Accomplishments
Cactus Clothesline3xWWF Champion, 1xWWF Hardcore, 8x WWF Tag Team,1xTNA World Heavy.
Kneeling Inverted Sharpshooter4xWWE Champion, 7x (WWE) World Heavy, 5xWWE Inter, 12xWWE World Tag Team, 2xWWE Tag Team.
Dangan Bomb, Diamond Dust, Sliding Forearm Smash, Shotgun Stunner1xECW (original) champion, 2xECW World Tag Team, 1x IWGP Inter, 1xFMW Brass Knuckles
Belly to Belly Inverted Mat Slam3xWCW World, 2xWCW US, 4xWCW Tag Team, 1xWCW TV, 1xWWF European, 1xWWF World Tag Team.
Tiger Flowsion, Shiranui1xAJPW Jr Heavy, 1xIWGP Jr Heavy, 1x GHC Jr Heavy, 1xGHC Heavy, 3xGHC Tag Team
Emerald Flowsion, Tiger Driver, Tiger Suplex '85, Wrist Clutch Tiger Suplex, 5xAJPW Triple Crown, 6xAJPW UnifiedTag Team, 3xGHC Heavy, GHC Tag Team
Ganso Bomb5xAJPW Triple Crown, 9xAJPW Unified Tag,
Anaconda Vice, Anaconda Buster, Anaconda Slam, Buffalo Sleeper, Mountain Bomb4xIWGP Heavy, 11x IWGP Tag Team, 3x G1 Climax Winner (2003,2004,2006)
Turning Moonsault, Tiger Feint, Tiger Spin2x NWA Jr Heavy, 3xWWF Jr Heavy, 1xNWA Middle
Dragon Screw, Dragon Suplex, Dragon Sleeper6x IWGP Heavy, 5x IWGP Tag Team, 1xNWA World Heavy, G1 Climax 1993, 1xWWF Inter Heavy, 1x WWWF Jr Heavy.
Complete Shot, Gedo Clutch4x IWGP Jr Tag Team, 1xBJW Tag Team
Gotch Style Piledriver2xNJPW Real World, 1x WWWF Tag Team
Enzuigiri1xIWGP Heavy, 4xNJPW MSG Tag League, 1xWWF Champion (not recognised), WWE Hall of Famer
Northern Lights Suplex2x IWGP Jr Heavy, 4x IWGP Tag Team, 1xWCW Inter Heavy,
Haas of Pain3xWWE Tag Team, 1xCZW Tag Team, 2xROH Tag Team
Huracanrrana3xMexican National Welter, 1xNWA World Welter
Flatliner1xWCW United States, 2xWCW Tag Team, 1x WWF Tag Team
TKO1xWWF Intercontinental, 3xWCW Television
CHIKARA Special1xCHIKARA Parejas, 2007 King of Trios, 2xCZW Jr Heavy, 1xIWA-MS Heavy, 1xNWA Jr Heavy,
Barry White Driver/Curb Stomp1x PWG World, 6xPWG Tag Team, 1xCZW World,

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