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Backwards Movie Movie
After getting shot in the face, Matt watches an undercover cop get shot after helping take down the Mob
Matt helps take down a casino, then he is found by a mysterious man
After jumping into the water, Matt finds out who he is after he is chased around the world
Matt becomes a great golfer, then becomes depresed and then fights in World War one
He is saved by an army platoon, then falls into enemy lines
Matt Damon is on a boat with Fiona, then sings about it
Matt is separted with his brother, then he becomes siamese twins with him and become famous
Matt helps uncover a great mystery with his brother, and later they become con artists
After being Blown up, Matt helps an oil company become successful in the middle east
Matt becomes a successful man in life, but then he loses it all and is a janitor doing math problems on the board

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