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CelebrityWhat they Did
 Becomes Peters Best Friend, then his worst enemy
 Tell Peter to play football
 Helps Peter realize the joys of TV, then gets hit by a car
 Is up Peters Butt
 Can't help Peter find out whats worng with his prostate
 Pushes a slinky down a staircase, and is entertained by Peter as a clown
 Goes to Mars with Peter man...
 He dosn't do much, but he was a president
 Is on a unicycle, then gets hit by Peter
 Only cares about FOOTBALL!!!!!!!
 Steals a magical skull from Peter
 Scary clown in Chris' Room
 Stewie hates him
 He is an actor that can learn a role real easily
 Gets killed by Stewie twice
 Is a talk show host, older than God
 He is told to kill people by drunk Stewie, He is framed by Peter, and then goes golfing with Peter
 Is in Disney world dancing with children
 Uhh, he bites peoples ears.
 Huge lips
 Is having a dinner party when Stewie arives
 Gets Own3d by Stewie in a cave
 Goes hunting with Peter
 Wonders why there are so many Ostriches
 Saves Santa
CelebrityWhat they Did
 Puts Ringo's song on the Fridge
 Is on a Talk show and freaks out at the Host because her breath smells like fish
 The Person he freaks out at because fish breath comes out of her mouth
 Freaks out then turns into a bug?? Model also
 Is Louis' maid
 He was in the episode about smoking, he is a presidential loser
 Likes you're idea about smoking...(then repeats his name)
 Like the w****s in Peters manshion
 Like mentos instead of killing the president
 O.D's with a bunch of Mexicans
 ...and this is shotgun to the face!!!!
 Car peter paints as a tribute to the good ole' boys
 R as in this guys name, O as in Oh my god its this person
 Throws his symbol onto a character, which does nothing
 In the lavoratory when Superman flies bye
 Is a Meter Maid on the Real World
 Rememberd his lines in Star Wars!!!!
 Like Peter said, He is a de Frickin ______
 Came back to Life only to die in a motercycle accident
 Was on the Intro to the show, Peter wonders why Louis hit him with the car
 It ain't easy, bein Cheesy
 Ghost's seem to love her, but Louis hates her for making out with Peter
 Now for my next miracle i will turn this water into funk!
 Now taste the fury of my CAT LAUNCHER!
 Thinks Peter is James Woods
CelebrityWhat they Did
 Peter thinks he is a chick
 'Why is there a tear on our products?''Because whenever children use it they cry!!!'
 'Which way to town?''Well it's back the way you came'
 Stewie isnt calling him until he gets out of Rehab
 'They're all ANTS Tom! They're all ANTS!!!!'
 Does the voice for Peterotica
 Has an affair with Louis' Mom
 Take his pills, and pretty soon you'll be pooping in the chimney
 Growls at Niel Golman and stands next to peter at an award presentation
 Lets just say the only award he wont win for his music is the the backdrop to a porno
 Stewie also hates him, so he bashed his head with a Grammy award
 When he was a rapper, he was the cleanest one of his day
 'It's just a plastic bag in the wind! Do you know how complex you're circulatory system is!!!!!!'
 Peter got trippy and saw him in an epiphany, then made a church about him
 Takes off his shirt and dances, because nobody understands him
 He is asking random people on the street to give him back his family
 A big stupid doo-doo head!
 Everybody gets one...
 He got drunk and married some girl named Cher, he dosnt suggest either
 Plays Peter and Louis' favorite song
 Presidents wife, better known for Snukes
 Peter better get home wuick or he's gonna miss his murder mysteries
 Peter buys a sculpture of her and Gwenyth Paltrow doin' it
 Is a horse that helps Peter get out of being electricuted by a bunch of pissed of Texas people
 She falls through a crack in wood and is Chris' model girlfriend

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