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QUIZ: Can you name the Modern Warfare A-Z?

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Forced Order
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Gunship used as Killstreak A
Map with two Buildings, 3 ways in and 4 Rooms. Also there is a swimming hall in the backB
Map in which you can hide in various buildings and shops.C
Still is the most powerful Pistol in the MW seriesD
Map in which there is a large base and the team that holds it can snipe well and have an easier time with ambushesE
Attachment to mostly all weapons in MW2F
Seen in Spec Ops and in Single Player of MW2, it is inside the CastleG
Attachment used only in Single player in MW1, but was added into Multiplayer in MW2H
Only Bolt Action Sniper in MW2I
Playable character in MW1J
Rescues you at the end of MW1K
LMG used by British ForcesL
Ruthless Russian Terrorist who discards all morale to create a war with the USM
He was captured by enemy forces, but is saved by the SAS. Then he helps Soap and Price escape in MW2N
Perk that replaces 2nd. Lets you switch weapons regaurdless of situationO
Sub Machine Gun that can hold the most ammo (Without Extended Mags)P
Map in MW2 that is small and has many high vantage points, if you can reach themQ
LMG that looks like an AK, used by middle easternsR
US Marines LeaderS
Highest KillstreakT
3 kill streak, almost everyone has gotten one at least onceU
Son of Imran, Considered to be the First Horseman at first but is not. He later commited suicideV
Sniper Rifle in MW2, very powerful, most recognized from the Hitman seriesW
There is no X that can be found in the MW series, so the answer is X-Ray, as in I wish they had X-Ray vision as a perk hahaX
Middle eastern PresidentY
Missing an Arm, his son killed himself, he is also responsible for the deaths of many SAS officersZ

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