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Can you name the Penalties in the NFL?

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How to Do itThe PenaltyThe Yardage
A blocker hits you from behind10 Yards
A cheapshot in any sport15 Yards
A blocker hits a player already being blocked from below15 Yards
A blocker hits a non ballcarryer below the waist15 Yards (Automatic First Down if commited by the D)
Wasting time5 Yards
Defender makes contact before the play5 Yards
When a player dosnt have the Correct UniformIn NCAA a timout is taken away
Touching the other players Helmet15 Yards, Automatic First Down
Offensive Linemen commit this more than anyone5 Yards
'Don't let me go!'10 Yards (offense) 5 Yard (Defense and Automatic First Down)
Tackling someone from the neck15 Yards
Touching someone in an illegal manner5 Yards and an automatic First Down
The team is lined up incorrectly5 Yards
Passed the line and passing the ball5 Yards from the spot of the foul and a loss of a down
Dont touch the face10 Yards (Offense) 5 Yards (Defense and an Automatic First Down)
How to Do itThe PenaltyThe Yardage
Moving without consent, usually when two people are moving at once5 Yards
Also when a player moves without consent illegaly, but the quaterback signals it5 Yards
12 People5 Yards
If the ball is thrown and caught by a lineman who is not a Tightend or lined up as a tightend5 Yards
When a lineman goes too far...downfield5 Yards
Throwing the ball away to get away from a sack10 Yards from spot of foul and loss of Down, If the foul occurs in the endzone it is a safety
When the Defense is hovering over the ball5 Yards
The Defense is moving around passed the line of scrimage5 Yards (Offense or Defense)
Refs call this in benefit of Recievers mostlyOffense 10 Yards, Defense spot of foul and automatic First down
The only foul that is from basketball, happens when a players safety is involved15 Yards (Automatic First Down if commited by Defense)
Dont touch him while he kicks15 yards and an automatic first down
Dont hit him after the Pass15 Yards and automatic First Down
Dont EVER lead with you're head15 Yards; Automatic first down if commited by Defense
Have a nice trip see you next fall10 Yards; Automatic First Down if commited by Defense
Fighting, screaming at officials, this one basically is like celebrating in the endzone for people like OchoCinco15 Yards; Automatic First Down if commited by defense

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