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Forced Order
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Quotesname of character
'Lets see, how should I kill you?'
'Can you...see my ragged hands?'
' When captured birds grow wiser, they try to open the cage with their beaks. They don't give up, because they want to fly again.'
'You will always find the answer in your training!'
'The body ages, but the mind is immortal.'
' I've always wanted a snakeskin wallet.'
' Kids like you get their blood all over this forest.'
'Yeah, I got Naruto! This one's an easy win!'
'Oh, I'm not a little pervert! ...I'm a big one!'
'I wasn't crying! There was dust in my eyes.'
'Shut up... or I'll kill you'
'Not just fast, but powerful too.'
'You're such a loser.'
'Tsunade-sama! Think about Dan and Nawaki! Would they have wanted this? Answer me!'
'His eyes! He's not just looking at us, he's seeing through us!'
'What a drag...How troublesome...'
'Love is.. Care and devotion you feel for the precious ones around you.'
'Even if our enemy is a small bug, we will not underestimate it.'
'Mm, she's strong and scary. I bet she's single.'
'A ninja must see underneath the underneath'
'What impressive chakra! But it's still not the main dish!'
'I have to do my best! In front of the person I admire most, who's finally seeing the real me!'
Quotesname of character
'Did I ask for your opinion?'
'Even the strongest of opponents always has a weakness.'
'I'm not fat, I'm pleasingly plump!'
'A loser is a loser'
'Bring 'em on!'
'Those who can't put their destinies on the line.. Who cling to the uncertain future of 'There's always next year'.. And then walk away from their chance.. Those pieces of trash wh
'In order to gain something, you must throw something away.'
'I will study your ability thoroughly and find your weak points.'
'The first and only'
'I'll enjoy shaving you to death.'
'Protect whatever is important to you with these two arms, no matter how tough or sad it is, even if it costs you your life.'
'Please be my girlfriend! I vow to protect you with my life!'
'It's over, Orochimaru. I'm going to snap you like a twig! It should have been done years ago!'
'Oh, by the way... I'm a boy.'
'If you lay a finger on my sensei... I'll kill you!'
'You doofus! Now isn't the time to go passing out!'
'I hate the fox, but the boy - I don't hate the boy.'
'There's no meaning to a flower unless it blooms.'
'The title of Hokage is a fool's game. Only an idiot becomes one.'
'I wanted to kill and eat you all, but I can't with my mouth shut like this.... The next time we meet, be ready to face the consequences!'

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