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Updated Feb 5, 2012

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I searched far and wide / All I got was this lousy / Head inside a box.
Was wrongly accused / Came out clean on other side / Help me sand this boat.
Hobbit gets a ring / Simply walks into Mordor / Has hairy feet. Ew.
Tricked in a chat room / Now I see in green numbers / Should get that checked out.
You like to dance? No? / Me? Him? Me? Him? Me? Him? Me? / Don't hurt me, no more.
The Don wants movie / An offer he can't refuse / Wakes up happy? Neigh.
In a galaxy / far, far away; rebel fleet / Ackbar: It's a trap!
A pissed off T-Rex / A ripple in the water / 'Hold on to your butts.'
A trip into space / 'Open the pod bay doors, Hal.' / Great, I'm a baby.
Invisible man / Lots of soap, blood, and mayhem / Where do I sign up?
A little boy got / Carried away with balloons / Wasn't in attic.
Alien phones home / Long distance charges apply / Don't want to see bill.
D: It is written / 'Is that your final answer?' / Everybody dance!
U.F.O. breaks down / Man kicks out aliens 'cause / They don't pay the rent.
Swimmer gets eaten / 'Gonna need a bigger boat' / Man, I love Shark Week!
Sheriff off his game / Cannot catch sociopath / Joins AARP?
Oil tycoon goes nuts / Showdown in bowling alley / Who wants a milkshake?
Was born with wrinkles / In first grade at sixty-five / Where does the time go?
Too old for college / Three men start fraternity / Want to curse? Earmuffs!
Guys fight slimy ghosts / Toast a giant marshmallow / Anyone for S'mores?

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