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1805Napoleon crushes the coalition and ends the HRE
1805Incredible British victory, with Horatio Nelson giving his life for his greatest victory.
1942-1943Brutal assault on the gateway to the Caucasus oil fields, turning the tide of the Eastern Front
1942Decisive turning point victory in which the Americans sunk 4 Japanese carriers
480 BCIncredible but futile last stand by Spartan king Leonidas, who was outnumbered badly
490 BCHellenic alliance drives Persia out of Greece, and some guy runs 26.2 miles
216 BCHannibal surrounds a larger force of Romans with his smaller army and slaughters them.
331 BCAlexander destroys the Persian army and cripples Achaemenid resistance forever.
1815The Duke of Wellington finally defeats Napoleon
1944Allies open up a second front in Europe by invading France.
1066The Normans have their greatest moment in their conquest of England
1916One of the most brutal and bloody World War 1 battles
1863Turning point of the US Civil War
1943Greatest tank battle in history, last German offensive of the Eastern Front
9Worst Roman military defeat in history.
1941-1942Decisive battle of the African Front in WW2
732Frankish people kick the Umayyads out of Europe
31 BCLast battle in the Roman Civil War
1781Decisive siege that led to American independence
1453Ottomans finally conquer the Byzantine Empire

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