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Green Chemistry to AlcoholsAnswerExtra
An example of a bulk chemical
What is a catalyst?
How do you calculate the percentage yield?
Why is atom economy useful?
What has single, covalent, saturated bonds and is made from crude oil?
Give an example of an alkane?
What has a double bond and is made from crude oil?
Give an example of an Alkene?
How does the -OH group of an alcohol effect the molecule?
How can the concentration of ethanol be increased?
Green Chemistry to AlcoholsAnswerExtra
How is crude oil processed?
Why is fermentation good for not polluting the air?
Which is the least reactive type of crude oil?
What is produced when alcohols react with sodium?
What is the functional group of the alchols?
What other way can ethanol be produced?
What do alkanes burn well with?
What does sustainable mean
Example of an alcohol?
what is green chemistry

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