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The main population of Foo.
Confidents of the Want. A being from Reality that has been touched by a nit.
Travel by fate.
They will help you adjust upon arrival in Foo.
Its hair can be deadly.
Loyal only to the person on its back.
The sage and leader of Foo.
The offspring of nits in Foo.
Half of this creature is always changing.
Fiery creatures created from sunlight.
Beings that did not make it entirely to Foo.
The last in Foo, and extremely attractive.
Fragile to the extreme.
Only the size of a bee, but very strong and very protective.
Eats flowers and then throws them up.
The Most Common Bird of Foo
Whining clay-like ball.
Carnivorous dogs that feed on human flesh.
Unhinge themselves to clean their souls.
They come from the cinder depression.
Fills the fissures of Foo.
Cannont see themselves.
Protectors of Alder and servants to the Want.
Swarms of these bugs carry nits off to gazes.
There were Seven originally to keep the balance in Foo.
One of the few things in Foo that can be directly killed.
They are incredibly helpful and attempt to be of service whenever possible.
These should be left buried...
Council of Foo
Guard the bridges.
Consume the fog of the Veil Sea
Fire-breathing lizards.
Small marshmallow like things that cool down sweating trees.
Lay eggs full of color.
Three armed pests from the Swollen Forest.
A short little man who can control the Sands of _____
Hang off the ears of Siids.
These creatures will lead you through the Swollen Forest...for a price.
Used to find something missing, but they only work once...
Fish that eat until they explode.
Ghostly fish that devour the soul of a person for sustenence.
Wind monsters.
Dirt monsters.
Living clouds.
The Sky Border
Yellow serpents that take all the sour from a person.
Binders of Dreams
Wander the Swollen Forest at Night
Partially Winged Insects
Two Dimensional Version of the Want
Mutated Serpents
Flying Pests of Foo
Remnants of Old Dreams
Winged Beasts that Reside in Cliffside Caves
The Builders of Foo
They take the sparks from fire...
Felines of Lith
Dreamers in Reality
Payt's Minions of Zendor
Clover's Giant Pet
Inhabitants of Zendor

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