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Can you name the Heros and Villains of the Trojan War?

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Role Hero
Greatest Greek Warrior
King of Mycenae
King of Sparta and Husband of Helen
King of Ithaca and the Cleverest Greek
King of Argos
King of Salamis 'The Greater'
Wisest Greek Warrior
The Wisest Greek's Son
Son of Achilles
Greek Seer
King of Crete
The Complainer
King of Locris 'The Lesser'
Achilles' Greatest Friend
Achilles' Mentor and Guardian
First Greek to Perish
Achilles' Charioteer
Greek 'Deserter'
Son of Asclepius and Greek Physician
Prince of Nauplia
King of Troy
Greatest Trojan Warrior
Prince of Troy
Another Prince of Troy, Principle character of the Aeneid
Captain of Lycia, Trojan Warrior
King of Thrace, Trojan Warrior
The Ethiopian, Trojan Warrior
Role Hero
Son of Zeus, Trojan Warrior
A half-brother to Ajax or a Founder of Troy
Great Trojan Warrior
Hector's Spy
Husband of Helen after Paris' demise
Son of Priam and Prince of Troy
Son of Priam killed by Automedon
Trojan Prince sold into Slavery by Achilles
Phrophet of Troy, Twin of Cassandra
Trojan Priest
Son of Aeneas
Father of Aeneas
Son of Hector
Trojan Priest of Apollo
Trojan Princess
Queen of Sparta, Her face launched 1000 ships
Achilles' Concubine
Agamemnon's Concubine
Queen of Troy
Princess of Troy, Twin of Helenus, Phrophet cursed to be ignored
Wife of Hector and later Neoptolemus
Wife of Aeneas
Amazonian Queen, Love of Achilles
Sea Goddess, mother of Achilles
Goddess of Love
Queen of the Gods
Goddess of Wisdom, War, and Arts

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