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Can you name the Final Jeopardy! Questions from Ken Jennings' 75 regular appearances?

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CluePlease answer in the form of a question.Category
She's the first female track & field athlete to win medals in 5 different events at a single Olympics.THE 2000 OLYMPICS
This somewhat negative term arose because twisting fibers into thread was mainly a woman's job.WORD ORIGINS
Phoebe Snetsinger, she of the apropos first name, set a record for this activity, about 8,400 species.RECORD HOLDERS
Once slang for brain, this 2-word phrase now means the Heritage Foundation or the Brookings Institution.WORDS & PHRASES
Gavdos, an islet administratively part of this larger island, is Europe's southernmost point.EUROPEAN ISLANDS
In a last-minute change in his manuscript, Charles Dickens renamed Little Fred this.FICTIONAL CHARACTERS
This title character who debuted in 1999 was created by former marine biology educator Steve Hillenburg.ENTERTAINMENT
In 1960 this new national leader made the longest speech in United Nations history, 4 hours & 29 minutes.UNITED NATIONS HISTORY
The Chinese government, which controls all of these in the U.S., won't let a new one be named until it's 100 days old.ON EXHIBIT
'Did I request thee, maker, from my clay to mould me man ...' is the epigraph to this 1818 novel.CLASSIC LITERATURE
First designed as a surgical disinfectant, in 1895 it was available to dentists & by 1914 was sold OTC.FAMOUS PRODUCTS
In the NATO phonetic alphabet (Alpha, Bravo, etc.), the 2 that are title Shakespearean characters.COMMUNICATIONS
In 1582 the man born Ugo Buoncompagni proclaimed this solar dating system still used today.THE 16TH CENTURY
Josephine Cochrane's 1886 version of this consisted of a copper boiler, wire baskets & a pump.INVENTIONS
The almost 4-decade collaboration of these 2 Germans began in Paris in 1844.HISTORIC PARTNERSHIPS
In 1826 Daniel Webster eulogized these 2 men, saying, 'They took their flight together to the world of spirits'.FAMOUS AMERICANS
This 1973 thriller was re-released in 2000 with extra footage, including a scene in which Ritalin is prescribed.FILMS OF THE '70s
In 1901 U.S. Surgeon General Walter Wyman helped establish a hospital in Hawaii for this disease.MEDICINE
'I am the rose of Sharon' & 'When you know your name, you should hang on to it' are from 2 different books titled this.BOOK TITLES
This title character's full name is Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkle Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs.CHILDREN'S LIT
In 1899 he was released from Devil's Island & pardoned for 'treason under extenuating circumstances'.HISTORIC NAMES
This fruit of North America shares its name with a literary character who debuted in an 1876 novel.FRUIT
Born in January 1919, the month Teddy Roosevelt died, he was given the middle name Roosevelt.SPORTS HEROES
Its 1st broadcast, February 24, 1942, said, 'The news may be good. The news may be bad. We shall tell you the truth'.MASS COMMUNICATION
Ironically, he might have saved himself from death in 1779 if he had known how to swim.HISTORIC ENGLISHMEN
CluePlease answer in the form of a question.Category
Born in 1564, he was employed by Elizabeth I's Secretary of State to uncover Catholic plots against her reign.WRITERS
After a 58-year flirtation, this woman called it off temporarily in issue No. 720.FICTIONAL PEOPLE
Of the 8 members of the G-8 industrial nations, the one with the smallest population.INTERNATIONAL POLITICS
Daniel means 'God is my judge', Ezekiel, 'God strengthens'; & this name in Genesis 32, 'he strives with God'.NAMES IN THE BIBLE
The first 2 New York Times headlines set in 96-point type were in these 2 years, 5 years apart.HEADLINES OF THE LAST 40 YEARS
For his role in writing this 1861 document, Thomas Cobb of Georgia has been compared to James Madison.FAMOUS AMERICANS
With a book about the south, he became the first president--past or present--to publish a novel.U.S. PRESIDENTS
Experts believe that 16th C. Dutch growers, through breeding, gave this vegetable its color to honor their ruling house.FOOD
The libretto for 'William Tell' was in this language, the native tongue of neither the composer, Rossini, nor the subject.OPERA
In area it's the largest African country through which the Greenwich meridian passes.ON THE MAP
Her recording career lasted just 8 years, starting in 1955 with 'A Church, A Courtroom, And Then Good-Bye'SINGERS
The 2 U.S. presidents whose middle names are also the last names of 2 other presidents.20th CENTURY U.S. PRESIDENTS
2 of the 4 Shakespeare plays in which ghosts appear on stage. (Please respond in ABC order).SHAKESPEARE
In 2002 the Library of Congress had William B. Jones, Jr. speak on this 1941-1971 comic book series in its collection.COMIC BOOKS
A controversial 1979 war film was based on a 1902 work by this author.WAR MOVIES
In the '20s the alleged spirit powers of Margery caused a rift between these 2 men, a magician & a writer.HISTORIC MEDIUMS
2 of the 3 men who went from being either a U.S. senator or congressman directly to the presidency (please respond in ABC order, last names only).PRESIDENTS
In November 2000, Pope John Paul II proclaimed this 16th century Englishman as the patron saint of politicians.PATRON SAINTS
A Spanish dictionary defines it as 'circulo maximo que equidista de los polos de la tierra'.COUNTRY NAMES
Norma McCorvey recently sought a reversal to her landmark 1973 case in which she had this name.ALIASES
Before Victoria & Elizabeth II, this was the last British monarch to reign during 2 different centuries.BRITISH MONARCHS
Ford Madox Ford, in the ‘20s, hadn’t “read more than six words” by this man before vowing to “publish everything he sent me”.AMERICAN AUTHORS
Marilyn plots her husband's murder at a honeymoon site in this, her only film with a 1-word title.MARILYN MONROE MOVIES
Called the 2 most innovative 19th century American poets, one didn't read the other after being 'told that he was disgraceful'.POETS
This Monsanto product was developed as a covering to turn asphalt lots in urban areas into playgrounds.AMERICANA
CluePlease answer in the form of a question.Category
On Monday, December 13, 3 people designated these will meet in Cheyenne, Wyoming to help decide the world's future.2004
The last thing visitors see in the exhibit area of the Salem Witch Museum is a huge photo of this politician.FAMOUS NAMES
'Somnium', an early work of science fiction, was written by this German & published posthumously in 1634.MEN OF SCIENCE
Legend says this musical was inspired by Lunt & Fontanne's backstage bickering during a Shakespeare play.BROADWAY MUSICALS
The 2nd-smallest independent country in area in the Western Hemisphere; in the '80s it was invaded by the 2nd largest.WESTERN HEMISPHERE GEOGRAPHY
Last name of the Chicago cab fleet operator who started the 'Drive-Ur-Self' rental system.1920s TRANSPORTATION
After his public comments were criticized by FDR, he resigned his Air Corps Reserve commission in April 1941.FAMOUS AMERICANS
They first teamed up in 1974; one a quiet Latin teacher & the other a former clown college student.FAMOUS PAIRS
The brother of this leader is believed to be the first known European to have died in the Americas.HISTORIC FIRSTS
After several decades off it, works by this man seen here returned to the New York Times Bestseller List in 2003.AUTHORS
With only about 425,000 people, it's South America's least populous independent mainland country.POPULATIONS
In 1893, as it was disappearing, F.J. Turner wrote a famous essay on 'The Significance of' it 'in American History'.HISTORIC AREAS
'The Babysitter Murders' was the working title for this 1978 thriller.FILMS OF THE 70s
It began in 1886 as an extension of an upper crust family's list of whose house they'd visit & who they'd receive.SEMIANNUAL PUBLICATIONS
This king was the great-grandfather of France's King Louis XV.ROYALTY
Souvenirs sold at this attraction include 1962 World's Fair glassware & mugs boasting 'I made it to the top'.U.S. TRAVEL AND TOURISM
In early drafts, the heroine of this novel was named Pansy & her family home was called Fontenoy Hall.LITERATURE
Its solo female winner is awarded the Venus Rosewater Dish.SPORTS
This Fortune 100 company got its name from what it bought from sailors & sold to natural history collectors.COMPANY ORIGINS
The 'Playboy Riots' took place in this world capital in 1907 following a theatrical premiere.THEATRICAL PREMIERES
Aptly, his middle name contained the word 'rich'.20th CENTURY VICE PRESIDENTS
Teddy Roosevelt used this boxing phrase to announce his 1912 candidacy & said, 'The fight is on & I'm stripped to the buff'.POLITICAL WORDS & PHRASES
Of the 5 times Congress has declared war, the 3 during the 19th century were against these 3 nations (Please respond in ABC order).19th CENTURY U.S. HISTORY
Of the Social Security Administration's top 10 boys' names in 2000, the 2, ending in the same letter, on a list of the 12 Apostles.BABY NAMES
Most of this firm's 70,000 seasonal white-collar employees work only 4 months a year.BUSINESS & INDUSTRY

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