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Forced Order
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After Mount Weather, the grounders call Clarke Wanheda, which means the Commander of ____?
Who actually kills Finn?
What is the meaning of the grounder phrase jus drein jus daun?
Which Ark station are Bryan, Pike and Monty from?
How many clans – including the sky people – are there in Lexa’s coalition?
What colour warpaint do Ice Nation warriors wear on their faces?
What does Jasper wear on his head for the majority of the first season?
What phrase does Bellamy repeatedly use when referring to his relationship to Octavia?
Who was mistakenly hung for Wells’ murder?
Made for her by Finn, what hangs from the necklace Raven wears in season 1?
What is the name of the grounder who was in the cage next to Bellamy’s when he was imprisoned in Mount Weather?
After the missile hits TonDC, who does Abby find buried in the wreckage?
What was Clarke's father's name?
What anatomical feature marks someone as able to become the Commander?
After remaining on the Ark, how does Jaha eventually make it to the ground?
What colour signal fire must be created to contact Luna’s clan, the boat people, from the shore?
What is the name of the AI who created the City of Light?
In season 4, how many names are there on Clarke’s list of those who will live out the radiation inside Arkadia?
Bellamy names Octavia after the sister of Augustus, who was emperor of which ancient city?
What clan do Indra and Lincoln belong to?

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