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Forced Order
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How many of the 100 died during the initial Dropship landing?
What was Marcus Kane's mother's first name?
What is the Trigedasleng name for Ice Nation?
What hallucinogen do the 100 eat accidentally in Day Trip (1x08)?
How many people did Finn kill in TonDC?
What is written on the shirt Jasper wears in the pilot episode?
Meaning ‘death from above’, what is Octavia’s assassin name?
What is the animal carcass that Clarke brings to Niylah to trade in Wanheda, Part 1 (3x01)?
What is the name of the gorilla that attacks Clarke and Lexa?
What clan does Luna belong to?
Who causes the explosion that damages Arkadia in The Tinder Box (4x05)?
Name a Commander other than Lexa.
What does Gina scavenge from Mount Weather as a gift for Bellamy?
Complete the Grounder mourning phrase: Yu gonplei...
In Murphy's Law (1x04) Raven tries to buy a pressure regulator from a blackmarket dealer. What is her name?
What is Indra's daughter's name?
What was Monty's job on the Ark?
What was Chancellor Pike's first name?
What was the name of the 13th station blown out of the sky when the Ark was originally formed?
In The Tinder Box (4x05), Raven hallucinates that she's doing what?

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