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the earth goddess
the goddess of agriculture
female creatures who are linked with places in nature such as rivers, lakes, and mountains
aa river god
the weaver who claimed to be better than athen who later died and was brought back to life as a spider by athena
a nation of all female warriors
flying, winged horse
the king of the giants
the god of fire and blacksmiths
the god of war
half bull, half man
the brother of pegasus son of medusa and poseidon;known as the gold sword
goddess of youth
the sorceresswho turned odysseus`s men into pigs
the queen of the underworld wife of hades
possessing spirts
the strongest of all mortals performed 12 labors
person with snakes for hair and turns people to stone when looked at
terrible winged women with claws
last of the titansand the biggest most terrible creature ever know on the earth
giant serpent
father of zeus,hades,poseidon,hera,demeter. son of gaea and uranus
the god of death
the god of wine
sisters of medusa
rainbow goddess
man eating birdswith bronze beaks and sharp metalic feathers
the goddess of strength, speed and victory
the roman god of boundries
the king of all gods and god of the sky
the god of death and riches
god of the sea
the goddess of goodluck
half man, half horse
wild wood dwellers with pointed ears and little horns
the goddess of women, marriage, and fertility
the goddess of wisdom
the nymph who raised zues
people with one eye in the middle of their forehead
the goddess of revenge
the goddess of beauty and love

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