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QUIZ: Can you name the A-Z of Team Fortress 2?

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Bonk! _____ PunchA
The scout's favourite sportB
Method of obtaining metalC
Original CP map with three stagesD
Class specialising in constructionE
The Pyro's main long distance weaponF
The Demoman's main projectileG
Sniper Rifle critical hitH
Where all your items are keptI
Reduce someone's health to 0K
Soldier weapon with faster projectiles and less damageL
Company that the Mercs work forM
Minigun with a slowing effect on hitN
Rocket Launcher based on Quake with an alternate viewmodelO
A weapon common to both the Scout and (E)P
A Medi-Gun with faster healing rateQ
The Heavy's country of originR
The annual Halloween eventS
What happens when you press GT
The Medic's signature abilityU
The company who develops TF2V
A weapon used to take control of your sentry gunW
A console platform TF2 was ported to X

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