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Can you name the expressions starting with the last word of the previous one?

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the first one is 'puke blood' (you're welcome)
a very deep shade of a certain color
a specific shade in between a primary and a secondary color
chain of fruit drink beverage stores
a type of vegetarian-loved dish
'condiments' for the previous one
area to change attire
a person who shares a living space with you
what the man animal makes to attract the female animal
someone who sells sex over the phone
feminism, female strength
cable carrying electricity
a hit baseball moving parallel with the ground
where you go if you're hungry on the go
thoroughly explained, well described
noticing small things and finding them very important
a place to go and find things using a compass
the topics and subjects that a class will be learning
someone who creates the above thing
when the creators of a television script refuse to work
3 misses
the large remote region in Australia
a stroke in tennis made across the body
not requiring the use of a person's arms
placing a vehicle somewhere without fee
a building providing space for vehicles
the buying of cheap items in front of someone's house
argument or other persuasion in business
extremely dark
Jack Sparrow's ship
90's grunge band
extremely crowded, full to capacity
food brought to school from home
a container for the above thing
where admission tickets are sold
a structure containing many cubicles
children's toys that are stacked on top of eachother
a celebration with your neighbors
someone who really kills the fun

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