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1942-1970, Electric guitarist who riffed on 'Purple Haze'Pop Icons
1741-1801, American Revolutionary War general, later defected to the British. Outlaws
1970-1989, 1973 Triple Crown winner, won Belmont Stakes by 29 lengthsAthletes
ca. 1579-1631, Military leader of the Jamestown ExpeditionTrailblazers
1834-1902, One-armed explorer of the Grand CanyonTrailblazers
b. 1953, WWE wrestler who won 12 championship belts behind an All-American image Athletes
1955-2011, Founder and CEO of Apple ComputerEmpire Builders
1837-1876, Deadwood-based gunslinger and gamblerOutlaws
b. 1918, Southern Baptist preacher who crusaded to millions, advised several U.S. presidentsReligious Figures
1644-1718, English nobleman who founded the “Quaker Colony”Religious Figures
1815-1902, Leader of the Seneca Falls Convention for women's suffrageRebels & Resisters
1903-1934, Bank robber and gangster known as Public Enemy #1Outlaws
1797-1883, Former slave who became outspoken abolitionist and women’s rights advocateFirst Women
ca. 1595-1617, Daughter of Chief Powhatan, spouse of Jamestown settler John RolfeFirst Women
1889-1977, Actor/director known for tramp persona in 'The Gold Rush' and 'Modern Times'Pop Icons
1703-1758, Congregational minister who preached “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” during the First Great AwakeningReligious Figures
1886-1961, Georgia-born Detroit Tigers outfielder who won 12 batting titles, holds record career average of .366 Athletes
1884-1962, First Lady who was later active with the United NationsFirst Women
1751-1836, Introduced Virginia Plan at Constitutional Convention, 4th U.S. PresidentPresidents
1821-1910, Founder of the Church of Christ, ScientistReligious Figures
1867-1959, Prairie School/modern architect Artists
1822-1885, Union General victorious at Vicksburg and Petersburg, later U.S. President Presidents
1930-2012, First man to walk on the moonTrailblazers
1880-1968, Deaf-blind lecturer, leftist and pacifistFirst Women
1856-1924, U.S. President during WWI, had 14 Points for international peacePresidents
1929-1968, African-American preacher who gave the 'I Have a Dream' speech at the 1963 March on Washington Rebels & Resisters
ca 1451-1506, Italian-Spanish explorer who made several voyages to New World (the first in 1492)Trailblazers
1807-1870, Confederate General victorious at Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, but defeated at GettysburgRebels & Resisters
1838-1914, Wilderness preserveration activist, founder of the Sierra ClubTrailblazers
1928-1987, Artist/illustrator known for brightly-colored paintings of Marilyn Monroe, soup cansArtists
1844-1916, Philadelphia-based portrait painterArtists
1662-1727, Harvard-based Congregational preacher and author, wrote 'Magnalia Christi Americana', preached the Salem Witch TrialsReligious Figures
b. 1955, Billionaire computer programmer, founder of MicrosoftEmpire Builders
1774-1809/1770-1838, Duo who led the Corps of Discovery through the Louisiana PurchaseTrailblazers
1801-1877, Led the Mormons out of Nauvoo and into Utah, was at odds with the U.S. government over issue of polygamyReligious Figures
b. 1964, Fmr. Alaska governor, 2008 Vice-Presidential loser, Fox News contributorFirst Women
1731-1802, First First Lady of the United StatesFirst Women
b. 1958, Pop singer of 'Like a Virgin', 'Material Girl' and 'Ray of Light'Pop Icons
1794-1877, shipping and railroad magnate known as 'The Commodore'Empire Builders
1840-1902, Political cartoonist known for depictions of Santa Claus, Tammany HallArtists
1934-2017, Leader of family of mass murderersOutlaws
b. 1943, female tennis player, women’s rights advocateAthletes
b. 1963, NBA superstar who won 6 titles and 5 MVPs with the Chicago BullsAthletes
1805-1844, Founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsReligious Figures
1935-1977, Rock-and-roll singer of 'Jailhouse Rock' and 'Love Me Tender'Pop Icons
1485-1528, Italian-French explorer of Atlantic Coast, namesake of bridge over New York HarborTrailblazers
1915-1998, Singer/actor associated with songs 'New York, New York' and 'I've Got the World on a String', film 'From Here to Eternity'Pop Icons
1862-1937, Author of 'The House of Mirth' and 'The Age of Innocence'First Women
1911-2004, Actor turned U.S. President known for conservatism, attempting to end Cold WarPresidents
b. 1947, Austrian-American bodybuilder, actor, fmr. California governor (first name acceptable answer)Athletes
1858-1919, Spanish-American War officer who became U.S. President, known for Big Stick foreign policyPresidents
1835-1919, Steel tycoon who endowed many librariesEmpire Builders
1847-1931, Inventor of the phonograph and the incandescent light bulbEmpire Builders
1939-1963, Assassin of John F. KennedyOutlaws
1942-2016, Heavyweight boxer, Vietnam War objector, Parkinson’s sufferer Athletes
1895-1948, Baseball superstar who hit 714 home runs, mostly with the New York YankeesAthletes
1901-1971, African-American jazz trumpeter and singer Pop Icons
1861-1939, Invented the game of basketballAthletes
1822-1903, landscape architect and urban planner known for designing New York’s Central Park and Boston’s Emerald NecklaceArtists
b. 1946, U.S. President during September 11 attacks, Hurricane KatrinaPresidents
1768-1813, Shawnee leader, fought against American settlement of Old Northwest, fell during War of 1812Rebels & Resisters
1868-1963, Black intellectual who founded the NAACPRebels & Resisters
1800-1859, Radical abolitionist responsible for Pottawatomie Massacre, Harper’s Ferry RaidRebels & Resisters
1902-1984, California-based photographer, most notably of Yosemite, TaosArtists
1958-2009, Pop musician known for “Thriller”, “Billy Jean” and “Black and White”Pop Icons
1864-1946, Early 20th century photographer, one of the first to make it a renowned art formArtists
b. 1947, First Lady, 2008 and 2016 Presidential also-ran, Secretary of StateFirst Women
1835-1910, Author of 'Huckleberry Finn' and 'Life on the Mississippi'Pop Icons
1863-1947, Founder of eponymous auto companyEmpire Builders
1827-1915, Female founder of the Seventh-Day Adventist ChurchReligious Figures
1892-1979, Curly-haired silent film star noted for 'Little Girl' rolesPop Icons
1834-1903, Tonalist painter known for painting of his motherArtists
1823-1878, Head of Tammany Hall political machine Outlaws
1911-1986, Founder of the Church of ScientologyReligious Figures
1603-1683, Minister who founded the colony of Rhode Island after being banished from MassachusettsReligious Figures
1926-1962, Blonde bombshell in films such as The Seven Year Itch and Some Like it HotPop Icons
1860-1935, Social worker who founded Hull House, first American woman to win the Nobel Peace PrizeFirst Women
1767-1845, War of 1812 General, 7th U.S. President, killed a man in a duelPresidents
1888-1953, Native American who became Olympic decathlete, Hall of Fame football running backAthletes
1831-1890, Sioux leader victorious at Little Bighorn, later toured with Buffalo BillRebels & Resisters
1919-1972, African-American who broke the color barrier in baseballAthletes
1908-1989, Actress who appeared in 'Jezebel', 'Dark Victory' and 'Now, Voyager'First Women
1925-1965, Radical Muslim African-American activistRebels & Resisters
1743-1826, Author of Declaration of Independence, 3rd U.S. President, founded University of VirginiaPresidents
1785-1851, Naturalist noted for paintings of “Birds of America”Artists
1899-1947, Chicago-based gangster and bootleggerOutlaws
1817-1895, Black abolitionist who wrote narrative of his early life as a slaveRebels & Resisters
1591-1643, Female religious dissenter who settled in Rhode Island after being banished from MassachusettsReligious Figures
1905-1976, Eccentric tycoon who owned TWA, namesake aviation companyEmpire Builders
1887-1986, NM-based modern artist known for skull paintingsArtists
1809-1865, U.S. President during the American Civil War, gave Gettysburg AddressPresidents
1901-1966, Hollywood animator and studio executiveEmpire Builders
1912-1956, Modern artist known for paint dripped and splattered onto the canvasArtists
1732-1799, American Revolutionary War General, 1st PresidentPresidents
1737-1809, Author of 'Common Sense' and 'The American Crisis' pamphletsRebels & Resisters
1820-1906, Suffragette who appeared on the dollar coinRebels & Resisters
ca. 1788-1812, Native American guide and interpreterTrailblazers
b. 1941, American folk rocker who wrote 'Blowin' in the Wind' and 'Like a Rolling Stone' Pop Icons
ca 1859-1881, New Mexico outlaw eventually brought down by Pat GarrettOutlaws
1809-1868, Mountain man, explorer and Indian fighter in the Rocky Mountains before the American Civil WarTrailblazers
1454-1512, Italian explorer and cartographer, namesake of a continentTrailblazers
ca. 1565-1611, English-Dutch explorer of NYC area, eponymous riverTrailblazers
1837-1913, Finance capitalist who formed famous bank, bailed out U.S. Government a couple timesEmpire Builders
1839-1937, Billionaire head of Standard Oil, endowed several universitiesEmpire Builders
1838-1865, Actor and Souther sympathizer who assassinated Abraham LincolnOutlaws
1897-1962, Sicilian-American mafiaoso, creator of 20th-century organized crimeOutlaws
1847-1882, Missouri-based bank robber and murdererOutlaws
1882-1945, U.S. President during New Deal reforms, WWIIPresidents
b. 1954, African-American talk show goddessFirst Women
1863-1951, Megalomaniacal publishing tycoon who inspired Citizen Kane Empire Builders

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