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Can you name the people (and things) who have five or more U.S. counties (or equivalents) named after them given birth date, death date, brief bio and # of counties?

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1732-1799, Revolutionary War General, 1st U.S. President31
1743-1826, Author of the Declaration of Independence, political philosopher, 3rd U.S. President27
1706-1790, Author of Poor Richards Almanack, diplomat, politician, founder of numerous Philadelphia institutions24
1767-1845, War of 1812 General, 7th U.S. President24
1751-1836, 'Father of the Constitution', 4th U.S. President 20
1777-1852, 'Great Compromiser', KY Congressman and Senator, repeat presidential loser17
1757-1834, French nobleman who fought in the American Revolution17
1809-1865, President during the American Civil War, noted for Gettysburg Address17
1732-1795, 'Swamp Fox' Revolutionary War general 17
1758-1831, 5th United States President, issued eponymous doctrine17
THING, Winning side of the Civil War, the United States in general17
1745-1796, 'Mad' general in Revolutionary War, negotiated Treaty of Greenville in Ohio Indian Wars16
1738-1775, Revolutionary War general who fell while invading Canada15
1822-1885, Civil War general who won battle of Vicksburg, later 18th United States president14
1742-1786, Revolutionary War general who served under Washington, led Southern campaign14
1741-1775, Boston physician and Sons of Liberty leader who fell at Battle of Bunker Hill14
1737-1832, Maryland Catholic who was last surviving signer of Declaration of Independence12
1813-1861, Illinois senator, champion of Kansas-Nebraska Act, defeated Abraham Lincoln in 1858 Senate race, then lost to him in 1860 presidential race12
THING, Large body of fresh water12
1782-1850, SC Senator and Vice-President known for stances on nullification, states' rights11
1737-1793, Boston merchant who served as President of the Continental Congress at the passage of the Declaration of Independence, later long-time Governor of Massachusetts10
1781-1813, War of 1812 naval officer who commanded SS Chesapeake, died uttering 'Don't give up the ship!'10
1789-1819, Lake Erie naval hero of the War of 181210
1779-1813, Explorer of Colorado and the Upper Mississippi, discovered eponymous peak10
1795-1849, U.S. President with Manifest Destiny agenda10
1736-1799, Virginia statesman known for “Liberty or Death” speech prior to American Revolution9
1750-1806, Revolutionary War artillery chief, first Secretary of War9
1736-1802, Revolutionary War general, participated in Battle of Saratoga, won battle of Cowpens9
1750-1826, Soldier at the Battle of King's Mountain, Governor of Kentucky9
1735-1826, Continental Congressman, Diplomat, 2nd U.S. President8
1782-1866, Michigan Governor and Senator, 1848 Presidential loser8
GROUP, Southern Indian tribe, originally in Georgia and Carolinas, evicted to Oklahoma on Trail of Tears8
1769-1828, New York City Mayor and New York Governor who spearheaded development of the Erie Canal8
THING, Poetic name for America or its female allegory (also ship and river named for them)8
1721-1765, Third Son of George II, Duke of a northwestern English county8
1755-1804, Co-writer of the Federalist Papers, First Treasury Secretary, on $10 bill8
1750-1779, Revolutionary War hero who saved flag at Fort Moultrie, participated in battle of Savannah8
1807-1870, Confederate Civil War general, won Seven Days' Battles but lost battle of Gettysburg8
1755-1835, Chief Justice of Supreme Court who introduced judicial review with Marbury v. Madison decision8
1718-1790, French and Indian War soldier, Revolutionary War general who served at Bunker Hill and Long Island8
1782-1852, MA Senator, orator known for 'Liberty and Union' speech8
1734-1820, pioneering settler of Kentucky and Missouri, blazed road through Cumberland Gap7
1782-1858, Five-term MO Senator, Manifest Destiny proponent7
1772-1834, GA Senator, Secretary of the Treasury, 1824 Presidential loser7
1765-1815, Inventor of the steamboat7
1726-1777, Revolutionary War physician and fortifier mortally wounded at Battle of Princeton7
1745-1779, Polish nobleman who fought in American Revolution, fell at Battle of Savannah7
THING, Fertile soil7
1770-1838, One of the leaders of the Corps of Discovery of 1804-066
1839-1876, Cavalry officer who fell at the Battle of Little Bighorn6
1721-1780, Bavarian nobleman who fought in American Revolution, fell at Battle of Camden6
1831-1881, Civil War officer, U.S. President, shot and mortally wounded after less than a year in office6
1774-1809, One of the leaders of the Corps of Discovery of 1804-066
1733-1810, Revolutionary War general second in command at Saratoga, Yorktown6
1757-1837, North Carolina Congressman and Senator, famous for Bill #26
1775-1828, War of 1812 hero who captured Fort Erie, Ontario; Army commanding general in the 1820s5
1752-1818, Revolutionary War general who captured Vincennes5
1779-1820, Naval officer who fought in the Barbary Wars, commanded USS United States5
THING, English county east of London, includes Chelmsford and Colchester5
1780-1850, Kentucky Congressman and Senator, Vice-President from 1837-415
1826-1886, Civil War General, IL Senator, head of the GAR when Memorial Day was established5
1755-1780, Participant in the Siege of Savannah in the American Revolution5
1650-1702, Dutch ruling house of a 17th century English king5
THING, Saltwater springs or marshes5
1786-1866, Longest-serving general officer in U.S. history, captured Mexico City in the Mexican-American War, devised Anaconda Plan for American Civil War5
1831-1888, Civil War General noted for desecration of Shenandoah Valley, later an Indian fighter and General-in-Chief5
1740-1795, Revolutionary War general, fought the Iroquois, later Governor of New Hampshire5
1633-1701, Duchy of James II prior to becoming king, also a historical county in Northern England5

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