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Can you answer the following questions about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln?

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Forced Order
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Lincoln went to see this play...
At this establishment...
On this date
This general was invited to the performance, but did not attend
But this major attended in his stead, and was stabbed
Lincoln was shot by this actor
Who shouted this while escaping the theater
Meanwhile, this Secretary of State was wounded
Assisted by this man, who later aided the escape of Lincoln's assassin...
After being shot, Lincoln was carried to the...
This Secretary of War was present for the death of Lincoln
As was this Secretary of the Navy
As was this Quartermaster General who established Arlington National Cemetery
As was this Army Chief of Staff
Following Lincoln's assassination, this man became President
Even though this man was supposed to kill him
This boardinghouse owner was executed as part of the conspiracy
This man set the leg Lincoln's assassin broke while escaping
The conspirators in the Lincoln assassination were executed here
Five days after his death, Lincoln was laid in state here
Lincoln's body traveled the country in one of these
Accompanied by this judge and longtime friend of Lincoln
Lincoln's body spent two days in this former American capital
Lincoln was buried in this city

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