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How Much Do You Know About the History of Whittier, California?

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This Mexican governor of California had a rancho that encompassed the area of present-day Whittier
...and he sold the land around Whittier to this German immigrant
This religious group founded Whittier
The oldest house in Whittier, located on Camilla Street, is associated with this man
Whittier was founded in this year
And incorporated in this year
It is named for John Greenleaf Whittier, who won renown as one of these
This female settler founded the Los Angeles Ebell Club & pioneered the growing of pampas grass & walnuts in Whittier
This institution was chartered as an academy in 1887 and a college in 1901
This other institution on Whittier's outskirts was first a reformatory and later a correctional facility
This man was head of Whittier's Land and Water Company and gives his name to a major Whittier street
This historic building was originally used by the Southern Pacific Railway and now sits across the street from the Doubletree Hotel
This is the SECOND oldest congregation in Whittier, and the longest meeting at the same site
This Quaker booster served as mayor of Whittier and founded the National Bank of Whittier; a major Whittier street bears his name
The building that is now King Richards Antique Mall was originally one of these
This was the name of the group of buildings at Hadley and Greenleaf in the early 20th century
The area that is today's Whittier Historic Neighborhood Association was originally a tract belonging to this man
Two-Star, Penn and Quaker Girl were all labels of these
This park comprises the site of Mount Olive and Broadway Cemeteries
Founded in 1887, this was the oldest school in the city of Whittier
The old bell outside Whittier City Hall is from this school, constructed in 1889
Whittier High School was founded in this year
There used to be a Latino shantytown on the Western edge of Whittier known as what?
This highway was, at various times, El Camino Real, County Road, and US Route 101
These 'Big Red Cars' served Whittier from 1904 to 1936
This was the north-south divide in Whittier's old address system
This was the east-west divide in Whittier's old address system
This lumberman, oil baron and citrus farmer gave his name to a hospital and a neighborhood
This Quaker author was a graduate of Whittier College
This historic civic building once stood at the corner of Greenleaf and Bailey
The U.S. President went to Whittier High School, Whittier College, and practiced law in Whittier
This man was head of the Whittier Home Telephone Company and built the house today occupied by the President of Whittier College
This road over the Puente Hills was completed in 1913
The building that is today Starbucks, Crystal Marquis and the Commoner Bar was originally a...
It, Hoover Elementary School, and Whittier City Hall were designed by this architect
Whittier High's Auditorium bears the name of this teacher, coach and mayor
Whittier College and Occidental College play for the shoes of this man, an All-American football player and later mayor of Whittier (Io Triumphe!)
In this decade, Whittier contracted with Los Angeles County for fire services, and adopted the Los Angeles County street numbering system
In this decade, Whittier annexed major portions of East Whittier and built its current City Hall and Library
An arts festival is held around this historic tree
In 1987, Whittier was struck by a 5.7 magnitude one of these
Following the demolition of the Whittier Theater, this group was formed to advocate for preservation of the Whittier Hills and of historic buildings
The former Union Pacific (LASL) tracks between Pioneer Blvd and Mills Avenue are today in use as...
This man served on the Whittier City Council from 1976 to 1984, and from 1990 to 2018

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