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You gotta help me man, my tie is evil and it's gonna kill me!!1
It worked, my time machine worked!4
I'm gonna do an internet!!4
The Science Show!4
I was being sarcastic4
Hey kids I brought you some cookies. COOKIES!2
Got your nose.1
Hey, hey guy, smell my flower.1
I baked you a pie! oh boy, what flavour?2
Die potato!2
Hey man, look at my new dog3
Die potato. 3
Hey man.1
Hey is says gullible on the ceiling2
I wanna be a pie!4
What are you up to son?2
Nice hat4
Somebody help me I'm being robbed..1
Here hold this3
Hey honey, why is the baby on fire?3
Die potato!1
Joey did you eat my sandwich?3
Honey, do you like my new shoes?4
Haha, they said I could never teach a llama to drive!2
Why would you do this?3
You're getting mugged kid.4
How can you tell?2
Mmmm, yum!1
Banana fight4
I can't wait to eat this bagel!2
Alien attack4
Desmond the Moon Bear2
Now son, don't touch that cactus3
There's something on your face!3
Kitten fight!2
Hey kid, you can't skate here.4
When I grow up, I wanna go to da moon4

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