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jingle/slogancompany,store,restaurant etc. of jingle
that was easy
it can only be____
_____where a kid can be a kid
it's a brand new day at _____
every kiss begins with___
lets build something together
you build it, we can help
just do it
we take you to the limit
that's what a hamburger's all about
where best friends are made
eat fresh
im lovin it
finger lickin good
They'rrrrrre GREAT
play laugh grow
taste the rainbow
break time anytime
the snack that smiles back
no ones going to lay a finger on my____
save money live better
jingle/slogancompany,store,restaurant etc. of jingle
silly rabbit___ are for kids
im cuckoo for____
the piece you'll love to pieces
rethink possible
15 minutes can save you 15% or more on car insurance
the best part of waking up is______ in your cup
GO MEAT! ( when i say___ u say ___)
sour sweet gone(first they're sour then they're sweet)
take the scary out of life
wanna get away?
gotta have my ____
taste the sour tame the sour
so many many reasons why it's so mmm mmm good
we'll leave the light on for you
think outside the bun
a can of wheat that's all we ask
we are ______ bum bum bum bum
____what matters
how many licks does it take to get to the center of a ___ the world may never know
the ultimate driving machine
it pays to ____
jingle/slogancompany,store,restaurant etc. of jingle
think different
fly the friendly skies
snap krackle pop
melts in your mouth not in your hand
the only way to fly
oh yes we did
_____ is on your side
happiest place on earth
is it in you?
impossible is nothing
don't leave home without it
have it your way
what's in your wallet
built for the road ahead/ drive one
don't dream it drive it
betcha can't just eat one
where do you want to go today?
enjoy the ride
beware the _______
expect more pay less

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