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Can you name the people and things that happened in the Black Cauldron?

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Forced Order
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Main Character
Main Character's Job
Main Character's Caretaker
What is the name of the animal the main character looks after?
What is the name of the strange creature the main character meets?
In the beginning, the main character makes what for who?
What strange possession does the female character have?
What is the name of the villain in the story?
Why is the villain trying to capture the main character's animal?
What is the name of the creatures that capture the main character's animal?
What does the villain threaten to do if the main character doesn't make his animal see the future?
How does the main character help his animal escape?
After helping his animal get away, does the main character follow?
Who is the female human character in the story?
What do the main character and the female character find after going under the dungeon?
What is the name of the character who says, 'These are the hands of an artist.'
What does the artist get chased by?
How do the main character and his two companions escape from the villain's castle?
Which two good characters have a fight after escaping?
Who do the three main characters run into after running away from the villain?
How does the strange animal help the main characters?
How did the main characters get to the fairies' lair?
Where do the main characters go to find the Black Cauldron?
What are the names of the three witches?
What do the three witches want for the Black Cauldron?
What is the only way to deactivate the Black Cauldron's powers?
Who saves the three main characters from being tied up?
Who deactivates the Cauldron's powers?
What happens when a dead body is dropped into the Cauldron?
What is the villain's plan to take over Prydain?
How is the villain killed?
How do the main characters get their dead friend back?

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