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Can you name the charcters from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel?

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Had long ear lobes and a pair of dragon daggersShu
Known later as the God of War, has a long beard and red faceShu
Owned the weapon Serpent Spear, was a drunk but a great warriorShu
Was the inventor of many things at that timeShu
Owner of the horse Bei Long, saved a baby Liu ChanShu
Son of the northern horse lord, his whole family was killed by Cao CaoShu
Master of the bow, an old war veteranShu
The sleeping dragon, a very wise man who was killed when taking Cheng DuShu
A wreckless warrior that was never trusted by Zhuge LiangShu
Zhuge Liang's protege and later the Prime Minister of ShuShu
Leader of the Wei Kingdom and the hero of chaosWei
A master bowman who has a rival in the Shu KingdomWei
The one eyed warrior, Cao Cao's cousin and right hand manWei
Brother to Cao Cao and vanguard of the Wei KingdomWei
One of Cao Cao's more skilled officers, is poorly portrayed in Koei games Wei
Cao Cao's son and future leader of the Wei KingdomWei
A very strong warrior who was once very close to killing the leader of WuWei
One of Ma Teng's officers who joined Cao CaoWei
One of Cao Cao's bodyguards, wields dual spearsWei
A very powerful warrior and Cao Cao's bodyguardWei
The tiger of Jiang Dong, was in charge of the attack on Si Shui GateWu
The little conquerer, formed the Kingdom of WuWu
The leader of Wu in its more influencial yearsWu
The daughter of the Tiger of Jiang DongWu
Zhuge Liang's rival in Wu, a masterful tacticianWu
One of the older and more experienced warriors, wields an iron flailWu
Once a brainless warrior, but he studied hard to become a master tacticianWu
Sun Quan's bodyguard and a prized warriorWu
Of the bells, a pirate that also killed Ling CaoWu
Responsible for Shu's defeat at Yi Ling, successor of Zhou YuWu
The most powerful warrior of the landnone
Tyrannous fiend that burnt Luo Yang to the groundnone
Leader of the Yellow Turban rebellionnone
Noble of the north, was defeated by Cao Cao early on in his careernone
Beast King of the NanmanNanman

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