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Can you name the Xenosaga X Factors?

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characters that have a great impact
Chief Officer of the KOS-MOS project
Mary Magdalene Body
Mary Magdalene Soul
Master Swordfigher
URTV #666
100 Series Observational Unit
Enemy of Jin Uzuki
URTV # 667
Responsible behind the dissapearance of the planet Ariadne
Person from a higher plane of existence
Wife of Joachim Mizrahi
Keys of the Arbiter Code #1
Keys of the Arbiter Code #2
The Gnosis that appeared due to Shion's memory when she was in the Encephalon
URTV #668
URTV # 669
Creator of the URTV's
Cyborg hundreds of years old
The Eternal Circle
Shion's Love
characters that have a great impact
Creator of the Zohar
Proclaimed as the 'mad scientist'
Shion's mother
Captain of the Elsa
The Blue Testament
The Black Testament
Co-worker of Shion
Chaos' real name
KOS-MOS uses this as a weapon
Lover of Jin
The E.S.'s contain this
Techincal engineer of the Else
Headquarters of the U-Tic organization on Miltia
The freighter that KOS-MOS was developed on
the name of Vector's head spaceship
The E.S. that KOS-MOS and Shion use
Ziggy's home planet's name before it was destroyed
Creator of the Vaporizer Plug-In
Shion's home planet
Driver of the Elsa

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