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Can you name the characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (season 1)?

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Main character, bearer of Magicn/a
Main character, bearer of Honestyn/a
Main character, bearer of Laughtern/a
Main character, bearer of Generosityn/a
Main character, bearer of Loyaltyn/a
Main character, bearer of Kindnessn/a
Sovereign of Equestrian/a
Twilight's assistantn/a
Cutie Mark Crusader, earth ponyn/a
Cutie Mark Crusader, pegasus ponyn/a
Cutie Mark Crusader, unicorn ponyn/a
Elderly Apple family memberFriendship is Magic, etc
Applejack's older brotherFriendship is Magic, Applebuck Season, etc
Antagonist of episodes 1 and 2Friendship is Magic
Celestia's younger sisterFriendship is Magic, part 2
Fluttershy's bunny companionThe Ticket Master, Dragonshy, etc
Dash's old griffon friendGriffon the Brush Off
Boastful unicorn ponyBoast Busters
Young admirer of boastful unicorn ponyBoast Busters
Young admirer of boastful unicorn ponyBoast Busters
Misunderstood zebraBridle Gossip
Rarity's pet catSuited For Success, Stare Master
Canterlot fashion expertSuited For Success
Pinkie's pet alligatorFeeling Pinkie Keen, Party of One
Idolized squad of pegasus poniesSonic Rainboom, The Best Night Ever
Canterlot pop starA Dog and Pony Show
Famous fashion photographerGreen Isn't Your Color
Apple family member from AppleloosaOver a Barrel
Young buffaloOver a Barrel
Buffalo leaderOver a Barrel
Celestia's pet phoenixA Bird in the Hoof
Twilight's owl friendOwl's Well That Ends Well
Leader of the WonderboltsThe Best Night Ever
Prince of Rarity's dreamsThe Best Night Ever

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