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QUIZ: Can you name the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Season One) trivia?

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(Easy) Name six protagonist ponies.
(Easy) Name five named pets of the main characters.
(Easy) Name four of Pinkie Pie's inanimate friends, or their component materials.
(Easy) Name three Cutie Mark Crusaders.
(Easy) Name two parts of the only two-part episode.
(Medium) Name six nicknames Spike gave the victims of the poison joke.
(Medium) Name five cities visited on-screen.
(Medium) Name four episodes starring the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
(Medium) Name three in-episode songs in which all six main characters have solo lines.
(Medium) Name two Wonderbolts with known canon names.
(Hard) Name six instruments Pinkie Pie uses to herd the Parasprites.
(Hard) Name five episodes in which Rainbow Dash doesn't have a speaking appearance.
(Hard) Name four speaking voice actresses for the main six characters.
(Hard) Name three 'elements of a good cheer', according to Rainbow Dash.
(Hard) Name two episodes which feature the Yakety Sax chase music.

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