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Can you name the information about the Phillies 2nd Basemen?

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full name
birthday month (number)
birthday day
birthday year
town he was born in (hint: in CA)
city he was raised in (hint: in CA)
hand he bats with
hand he throws with
what college he went to
baseball league he played in while in college
baseball team he played for in this baseball league
round he was drafted (spelled out)
number he was picked in that round
first team he played with in the Phillies farm system
second team he played with in the Phillies farm system
month he debuted for the phillies (spelled out)
day of the month he debuted for the phillies
year he debuted for the phillies
first major league hit was a...
when he was called back to the phillies in august to replace (last name)
he recorded the final at bat at this stadium
he stole this many bases in 2005
during 2006 season, he had a hit-streak of this length
month and year he got married (spell out month)
Nationals pitcher who hit him and broke his fourth metacarpal bone in his right hand
April 2008, he hit a league leading this number of home runs
the last time the phillies won the national league pennant before 2008
the last time the phillies won the world series before 1980
he had surgery on this in november 2008
In 2009, he led the league with hits by pitch, this many:
in 2009, he had a perfect stolen based record, with this morning:
in june 2010, he was on DL for hurting this
his batter introductory song title
his college roommate (a first basemen)
he appeared on this tv show with ryan howard
his biggest fan

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