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Contains buttons for commonly used tasks.
The location used to recieve a specimen into the testing area.
Results that are confirmed and authenticated for accuracy which are then released and reported.
The area to click to add a test to an existing order.
The function to use to ensure results have posted.
Represents the location of the patient for inpatients, the location of the admission/regristration for outpatients, and the client number for MCSI patients.
R=Routine S=Stat T=Timed
Function the SCC Tasklist will allow the user to do:
Give one example of a protocol action.
The identifier or key word to use when calling the help desk for assistance with SCC Soft.
Scanned to display specific information about a patient, order, or specimen.
The ordering physician information is found here.
What is used to pass results from an automated machine to the softlab system?
A bar graph that is displayed in the test history graph pane represents which type of result.
A result that is considered life-threatening.
An activity that is performed on a specimen or a test.
This function allows you to examine a patient's results, compare results for any two orders on the same patient, and examine test results with specific values.
A test made up of individual tests and thus, multiple resulting components.
The specific lab area where specimens are tested which would include an automated machine or manual bench for testing.
Allows you to examine a patient's test results and examine test results with specific values.
An order that comes to Soft via an interface.
What is used to open a list of canned messages to add a comment to a result line?
When scanned, this reads the order number or specimen identification.
Ordering/Collection location which represents an ordering clinic/ward within a region.
Unique number which identifies each specimen within an order.
The botton of the screen that shows the name of the person logged in, the environment, the terminal name and the system logged into.
Printed in the lab for manual recording of results.
When an order comes into SoftBioChem from SoftLab, it is automatically assigned to BioChem Order number.
Give an example of actions- Pre-analytical.
A colored order folder in the patient tree indicates.
Application used to perform an order entry.
Used by the clinicians for comparison purposes to determine if the result is abnormal.
This is used to to log into SoftLab.
List of patients with fields requiring results.
Tests will be processed using worksheets and/or Tasklist.
An activity that is performed on a specimen or test.
When scanned, this reads ONLY the specimen identification.
Used to track actions that are performed within the systems.
What are abbreviations in softlab that mark the status of a specimen or test?
What is used to manually enter results for a specific order?
Passing results from an automated machine to the SoftLab system
Uniquely identifies a group of testing workstations such as chemistry, hematology, Immunoassay, etc.
The indicator that SoftLab tab is noted as 'active'.
A red bar graph that displays in the Test History Graph Pane indicates.
A sequence of actions that a specimen/test moves through from receipt in the laboratory to reporting results.
Medical Record Number- Unique patient identifier also known as Mayo Clinic Number
Report details on changes made to patient demographics and results.
Allows multiple specimen tubes to be scanned before saving.

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