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Who is Angela's first boyfriend?
What is Jane's Personal Best for being late?
What does Sue claim Ben needs?
Who did Pete have to send his 'Statement of Regret' to?
What does Karen use as Andrew Lloyd Webber (one of her toys)?
What is Ben scared of during the dinner party?
Who is Jake's form teacher?
During whose wedding does Ben 'mistake' gravel for confetti?
How does Karen finish her prayer to the mouse?
Who do the Brockmans leave behind at the airport?
What was nearer that Pete thought, when he was swinging Ben around by the ankles?
What illness does Sue's new boss Tyson's daughter have?
What did Barbara do to her husband (aka the big crash!)
What game is Ben playing at the beginning of The Family Outing?
What does Pete describe Ben's room as?
Who does Pete kiss at a work do?
Who ends up having to look after Jake and Ben after Karen is knocked down in a car crash?
Give one of the characteristics that Jake and Pete bet that Brick will have
Why does Karen not want to school during 'The Pigeon'?
What does Jake Jake say at the end of the talk he and Sue have about the objective of women?
Why does Gran actually give the Brockmans £3,000?

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