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Can you name the two U.S. states, in either order, with the largest cities with the given name?

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Columbus787,033; 189,885
Jacksonville821,784; 70,145
Portland583,776; 66,194
Kansas City459,787; 145,786
Arlington365,438; 207,627
Aurora325,078; 197,899
Glendale226,721; 191,719
Rochester210,565; 106,769
Springfield159,498; 153,060
Richmond204,214; 103,701
Pasadena149,043; 137,122
Fayetteville200,564; 73,580
Peoria154,065; 115,007
Jackson173,514; 65 211
Columbia129,272; 108,500
Lakewood142,980; 80,048
Lancaster156,633; 59,322
Concord122,067; 79,066
Westminster106,114; 89,701
Norwalk105,549; 85,603
Lafayette120,623; 67,140
Wilmington106,476; 70,851
Albany97,856; 77,434
Charleston120,083; 51,400
Lawrence87,643; 76,377
Bloomington82,893; 80,405
Greenville84,554; 58,409
Union City69,516; 66,455
Decatur76,122; 55,683
Troy80,980; 50,129
Medford74,907; 56,173
Auburn70,180; 53,380
Levittown52,983; 51,881

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