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Updated Apr 13, 2016

Forced Order
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Name a country that ...Example Country
Has the same name as its capital
Begins with the letter 'R'
Has won the FIFA World Cup
Uses any form of the rupee currency
Is in the top 10 for both population and area
Has a crescent moon on its flag
Has hosted both the summer & winter Olympics
Is an Asian country with no bordering countries
Contains the letter 'X'
Is not a member of the UN
Has territorial claims in Antarctica
Has territorial claims in Kashmir
Lies on the equator
Is a Lesser Antilles island nation
Ends with '-na'
Name a country that ...Example Country
Is a country of Africa with 4 letters
Has exactly one land border
Has a capital beginning with 'C'
Has a capital south of the Tropic of Capricorn
Contains a hyphen in its name
Lies on the Prime Meridian
Contains part of the Danube river
Has either a square or more than 4-sided flag
Borders the Caspian Sea
Is a Nordic country
Was a member of the former Yugoslavia
Is a Communist country
Has a capital higher than 2,000 meters
Has between 100 million & 200 million people
Is a member of OPEC

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