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Can you name the fake movies that combine two names of real movies that each grossed over $100,000,000?

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EXAMPLE: A woman fakes her death after accidentally receiving key evidence to a serious crime (1991, 1998); Answer: Sleeping with the Enemy of the State (Sleeping with the Enemy + Enemy of the State)
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SynopsisFake MovieYears
A blacksmith and pirate team up to save the pirate's love interest, who is held hostage at a Hawaiian naval base.2003, 2001
Three men take a cattle driving vacation after one of them is rejected at the wedding altar.2008, 1991
A blind superhero fulfills his lifelong dream of becoming a magazine editor but must deal with a ruthless boss.2003, 2006
A teenager travels back in time to rescue his friends, who have been captured by an evil intergalactic ruler.1980, 1985
James Bond is charged with murdering MI6 employees in a terrorist attack and recounts his story, but he cannot distinguish if it is the truth.2001, 2012
A lawyer for extraterrestrial police officers defends them in a murder case.1992, 1997
An attactive young woman pairs with Indiana Jones to recover ancient artifacts.2001, 1981
A hideous middle-aged man becomes a prince after falling in love with his daughter's friend.1999, 1991
The end may be near: Earth is turning to ice, and aliens are attacking from the sky.1996, 2004
Two amateur television hosts join James Bond to save the world from nuclear war.1992, 1999
Three women use their martial arts skills to solve an Italian murder mystery and prevent further attacks.2000, 2009
A rebellious ant recalls the story of how he survived a shipwreck with a fierce tiger.1998, 2012
A boy raised by apes is convinced to finally go live with humans.1997, 1967
Several men attempt to gain the love and attention of a magical singing nanny.1998, 1964
After his father is killed, a stuttering young feline inherits the throne and must learn public speaking.1994, 2010
The POTUS' personal plane is hijacked by several men from a mental institution.1997, 1975
Two men invite themselves to a wedding and convince the bride's highly cultural family that the groom is a good fit.2002, 2005
The Caped Crusader and a man from the Crusades join together to fight crime in their corrupt towns.1997, 2010

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