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Can you name the one-word mathematical terms that begin with the letter 'A'?

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Mechanical counting device consisting of a frame holding a series of parallel rods, on each of which beads are strung
The study of calculations involving numbers; the oldest and most elementary branch of mathematics that is used daily by most people
One of the four basic mathematical operations; represents combining collections of objects together into a larger collection
The branch of mathematics concerning the study of the rules of operations and relations; in another context, a collection of sets
A measure of the middle value of a data set; typically, but not always, the sum of the values divided by the number of values
The figure formed by two lines or rays sharing a common point, or the measure of rotation about that common point
A type of the previous answer that is strictly greater than 0° and less than 90°
Quantity expressing the two-dimensional size of a defined part of a surface; for a circle, it is πr²
A reference line; in the 2-D Cartesian plane, there are two of them, commonly labeled with two letters of the Latin alphabet
Property of some operations in which the grouping in which the operations are performed does not matter; e.g. (1 × 2) × 3 = 1 × (2 × 3) = 6
The magnitude of an oscillation; e.g. the A in the expression Asin(θ)
Smooth curve joining two points; for a circle, its length is equal to rθ
Line or curve that, tending to ∞, approaches a given curve arbitrarily closely but never touches it
For a given function, f, it's a function G whose derivative is equal to f, i.e. G' = f; more formally known as an indefinite integral
Line segment from the center of a regular polygon to the midpoint of one of its sides; has a corresponding definition for a circle
Geometric figure consisting of the region lying between two concentric circles; colloquially referred to as a 'ring'
A finite sequence of steps for carrying out a procedure or solving a problem; common term in computer science, as well
Proposition that is not proved nor demonstrated but considered to be self-evident; the one 'of choice' is fundamental to set theory
Mathematical concept with several meanings, perhaps most notably the conjugate transpose of a matrix or operator
A group in which the binary operation is commutative; named after a mathematician who helped prove impossible directly solving for the roots of a polynomial equation of degree > 4

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