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Can you name the one-word mathematical terms that begin with the letter 'F'?

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Expression denoting a mathematical fact, rule, or property using symbols
Numerical representation of part of a whole; 4/3 of people don't understand them
Any of the numbers or symbols that, when multiplied together, form a product
Not having the property of being without bound or end
One of the flat surfaces making up a polyhedron; a cube has six of them
Assigns exactly one element of one set to each element of another (possibly equal) set, e.g. f(x) = mx + b
Mathematician known for his sequence of numbers for which the next term is found by adding the previous two terms
Step function of a real number n which is the greatest integer less than or equal to n, denoted ⌊n⌋
The product of a given integer n and all positive integers less than n, denoted n!
Special point(s) used to construct and define a conic section. A parabola has one; an ellipse has two; etc.
Mathematician known for his 'Last Theorem' that conjectured the lack of natural number solutions to the equation aⁿ + bⁿ = cⁿ, n > 2
Geometric shape that can be split into parts, each of which is (almost) a reduced-size copy of the whole, e.g. the Mandelbrot set
Algebraic structure with notions of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, satisfying certain axioms, e.g. ℝ or ℂ
Mathematician whose name is often followed by 'transform', 'analysis', 'series', etc.
A mapping from a vector space to the vector space's underlying field, usually ℝ, e.g. a definite integral
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