Sheldon Cooper: True or False

Random Television or The Big Bang Theory Quiz

Can you name the accuracy of these facts about Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory (T for true or F for false)?

Updated Nov 8, 2013

How to Play
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ClueT or F?...
I was my high school's valedictorian.
When I knock on Penny's door, I call her name exactly three times.
I've been to the North Pole.
Friday night is laundry night.
My apartment's official flag features a lion.
I'm a terrific driver.
I'm a prominent astrophysicist.
I prefer Star Wars over Star Trek.
I've won a nobel prize.
Amy Farrah Fowler met me through online dating.
I'm a devout Christian.
My mother calls me Shelly.
I prefer to sit on the right side of my couch.
I have a twin sister.
I know how to play the theremin.

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