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Can you name the writers on The Office that have also acted on the show?

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CharacterWriter/Actor# of Episodes Written
Michael Scott2
Gino (Vance Refrigeration worker)15
Leo (Vance Refrigeration worker)15
Male Nurse (in Fun Run)11
Toby Flenderson16
Kelly Kapoor25
Mose Schrute10
Ryan Howard15
Wedding guest (in Finale)11
David Brent1
Michael's neighbor (deleted scene in Office Olympics)11
CharacterWriter/Actor# of Episodes Written
Mr. Brown (Diversity Day)1
Wedding guest (in Finale)2
Audience member (in Finale)2
Audience member (in Finale)3
Waiter (in Secretary's Day)6
Flower delivery man (in Valentine's Day)1
Molly (Jan's assistant in the Whale)4
Audience member (in Finale)3
Amelie (in Finale)2
Rory Flenderson7

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