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Can you name the wrestlers who had WWF/E PPV Matches during the New Generation (1993-1997)

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First PPVAnswerHint
Royal Rumble 1993AWA Tag Champion
Royal Rumble 1993The Mauler in WCW
Royal Rumble 1993Dogface Gremlin
Royal Rumble 1993He's your hook-up
Royal Rumble 1993Barbershop Window
Royal Rumble 1993Mr Wrestlemania
Royal Rumble 1993The Beast From the East
Royal Rumble 1993Cobb County, GA
Royal Rumble 19937 time world champion
Royal Rumble 1993Hey, Chico
Wrestlemania IXLong undefeated streak
Wrestlemania IXTrying to make a difference
Wrestlemania IXAnoai'i family
Wrestlemania IX'Jailbird'
Wrestlemania IXSeeing Double
Wrestlemania IXFormer long time WWF Champion
Wrestlemania IXEverybody has a price
Wrestlemania IXHates his name
Wrestlemania IXZodiac in WCW
Wrestlemania IXMulti-time world champion
Wrestlemania IXNarcissist
Wrestlemania IXNow that's....
Wrestlemania IXMuscular bodysuit
Wrestlemania IXGreatest entrance ever?
Wrestlemania IX2-time WWF Champion
King of the Ring 1993HHH's first bodyguard
King of the Ring 1993Hoooo!
King of the Ring 1993Brawl for All winner
King of the Ring 1993The One
Summerslam 1993Bruce's brother
Summerslam 19933-time SMW Tag Champion
Summerslam 1993Famously beat Razor
Summerslam 1993Memphis legend
Summerslam 1993Finnish
Survivor Series 1993Big Sexy
Survivor Series 1993Half of Kronik
Survivor Series 1993IC, Euro, Tag Champion
Survivor Series 1993Famous Brother (BH)
Survivor Series 1993Famous Brother (KH)
Survivor Series 1993Michaels Chivalric Partner
Survivor Series 1993Michaels Chivalric Partner
First PPVAnswerHint
Survivor Series 1993Michaels Chivalric Partner
Survivor Series 19931980s legend
Survivor Series 19931980s legend
Survivor Series 1993Sheepherder Williams
Survivor Series 1993Antipodean Miller
Survivor Series 1993One time King of the WWF
Survivor Series 1993'Sir': 1 time tag champion
Survivor Series 1993A new look for Friar Ferguson
Survivor Series 1993All-American Mountie
Royal Rumble 1994A pirate; definitely NOT a mountie
Wrestlemania XButcher's Kid
Wrestlemania XClaude Giroux
Wrestlemania XWomen's star of the mid-90s
Wrestlemania XAppeared at Wrestlemania I
Wrestlemania XAmerican Sumo Star
King of the Ring 1994Country and Western
King of the Ring 1994He changed the questions
Summerslam 1994AJPW and WWF Women's Champion
Summerslam 1994Later known as Chainz
Survivor Series 1994IC, Euro Champion
Survivor Series 1994Power of Pain
Survivor Series 1994Former tag champion
Survivor Series 1994Famous Hogan opponent
Royal Rumble 1995Sparky Plugg?!
Wrestlemania XICreative Control?
Wrestlemania XIMountain Man
Wrestlemania XINFL Great
IYH 1Jinsei Shinzaki
IYH 1Lackey; future tag great
IYH 1Future World Champion
KOTR 1995Los Boricuas Founder
KOTR 1995Moving up from Papa Shango
IYH 2Slop Drop!
Summerslam 1995Connecticut blueblood
Summerslam 1995SMW Champion
Summerslam 1995Prettiest girl in the whole trailer park
Summerslam 1995Dentist, rip-off, awesome
IYH 3De Niro Inspired character
IYH 3Short-lived IC title reign
IYH 4Hollywood
Survivor Series 1995Wrestled in ECW and WCW 1996-98
First PPVAnswerHint
Survivor Series 1995Pinned Blayze
Survivor Series 19952x AJW Champion
Survivor Series 19950.5 of the Crush Gals
Survivor Series 19953x WWWA Champion
Survivor Series 1995Blizzard Yuki
Survivor Series 1995AJW Junior Champion
Survivor Series 1995Pearl River Powerhouse
IYH 5Nature Boy
IYH 6Time to take out the trash
Wrestlemania XIIIt's Time!
Wrestlemania XIITrust Me....
Wrestlemania XIIFormer WWF Champion
Wrestlemania XIIBiggest star in wrestling?
IYH: Good Friends, Better EnemiesHe wasn't Naked yet
IYH: Beware of DogWildman
IYH: Beware of DogHawk
King of the Ring 1996Separate Entrance and Exit music
Summerslam 1996Avatar
IYH: Mind GamesHBK's mentor
IYH: Mind GamesPrince of Polyester
IYH: Mind GamesStrongman
Survivor Series 1996Oklahoman Tag Wrestler
Survivor Series 1996Canadian Tag Wrestler
Survivor Series 1996Movie Star
Survivor Series 1996WCW legend
Survivor Series 1996Damn!
Survivor Series 1996Ross's replica
Survivor Series 19962 Cold
Survivor Series 1996Veteran's return
IYH: It's TimeFreebird
Royal Rumble 1997AAA
Royal Rumble 1997AAA
Royal Rumble 1997AAA
Royal Rumble 1997AAA
Royal Rumble 1997AAA
Royal Rumble 1997AAA
Wrestlemania 13Beaver Cleavage
Wrestlemania 131 time WWF Tag Champion
Wrestlemania 13What a Rush!
Wrestlemania 13Johnny Ace's Brother

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