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Can you name the Opoona Items?

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Forced Order
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HintAnswerMy Thought
Main Character
Main Character's Brother
Main Character's Sister
Evil Brother
The Final Boss
Girl Who Fights Alongside Poleena
Opoona's Commander
Has A Hut
Good Brother
Opoona's Uncle
Beautiful Retirement Location
Museum, TV, And Concerts Are Here
Has Both A Office Area And A Residential Area
Blue Firefly Herb Is Found Here
Fine Dining And A Pet Shop Are Here
HintAnswerMy Thought
An Escape Pod Crashes Here And The Scenery Is Beautiful
Where Opoona Gets His First Attendant Job
A Village With An Elevator In The Middle Of The Ground
What Location Has An Awesome Clubhouse Area On The Top Floor
Location Between Paradiso And Great Dunes East
Rikhael Loses His Love, But What is Her Name?
What Appears Where A Name Should Be During Conversations With Random Characters?
What is Artiela's Gambling Location Called?
What Disease Does Ted Have?
Where Is The Moon Forest Hotel Located?
What Is The Fastfood Restaurant In Lifeborn Called?
Name One Person In The VIP Room in Lifeborn.
What Is Opoona's Apartment Number?
How Many Vehicles Are In Chariman Hope's First Floor Room?
What Location Had The Volcano?

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