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Type Of Research MethodResearch Method
Participants are wrongly informed
This sample must be a..
This is what the Researcher is measuring
Selecting Participants from who is there at the time
Also known as Mundane Realism
If the test is consistent the experiment is
Gender, Age, Motivation, Intelligence, Experience are all types of these...
This is what the Researcher changes
Makes sure Participants don't become disstressed
This states a relationship but no clear direction
Participants must be kept anonymous unless they give consent
Demand Characteristics, Order Effects, Investigator Effects, Time of Day are all examples of these...
People choose to be in the Experiment usually for money
This idea states a direction
Type Of Research MethodResearch Method
Participants must be informed about the nature of the experiment after is has taken place
Controling the Extraneous Variables allows for higher ...
A statement of no relationship between the IV and DV
The IV and DV need to be in a form that can be...
An Idea or Theory that a Researcher wants to test
The effects the investigator has on the Participants
Participants are allowed to leave at any time
Every member of the population has an equal chance of being chance of being selected
Does the study measure what it is claiming to measure
Also known as ' The Please You, Stuff You' Effect
Participants may lie to make themselves look better
Researchers must outline what the research is about
A term that discribes the potential Participants

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