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Chromosome pair associated with females
Chromosome pair associated with males
Number of weeks into pregnancy that the sex of a baby is determined
Hormone produced by testes
Hormone produced by ovaries
Age range that a child develops a strong attachment to the opposite sex parent
A boy's fear that their father will cut off their penis
A girl's desire for a male body part that they believe is as a result of castration
Resolution with the opposite sex parent that helps develop gender
Freud's name for the unconscious mind
Core Study: pair of psychologists that carried out the experiment
Core Study: year the experiment was reported on
Core Study: theory that the experiment was attempting to support
Core Study: age at which Bruce's circumcision was carried out
Core Study: name of psychologist who suggested Bruce should be raised as a girl
Core Study: age at which Bruce had his testicles removed
Core Study: Bruce's new 'female' name
Core Study: age at which Bruce was told the truth
Core Study: Bruce's replacement 'male' name
Core Study Limitation: 'Case studies rely on small samples, so it is difficult to _____.'
Core Study Limitation: 'Case studies are based on naturally occurring situations, so it is not possible to control ___ _____.'
Core Study Limitation: 'Case studies can lead to researchers becoming too involved, which may stop them being _____.'

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