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Data collected from our sense organs
Process through which the visual cortex assembles and combines sensory input
A mismatch between the above two concepts
A mismatch that tricks us into thinking that e.g. one line is longer than another
A famous example of the above (receding train tracks)
A picture that can be seen in more than one way
A famous example of the above (Xs at the front or back of a cube)
A mismatch that leads to you seeing something that isn't actually there
A famous example of the above (white triangle between other shapes)
The idea that we perceive shapes to stay the same even if we see them from different angles
The idea that we perceive colour to stay the same despite varying degrees of brightness
Our ability to see the world in three dimensions, even though our eyes only perceive two dimensions
The idea that parallel lines converging in the distance gives a sense of depth
The idea that images placed higher than others in a picture appear to be further away
The idea that smaller images placed in a picture appear to be further away
The idea that if one object blocks the view of another, it appears closer to us
The idea that as apparent depth increases, the detail becomes smoother or more vague
Core Theory: name of theory
Core Theory: the idea that the brain sorts objects by making use of past experiences
Core Theory: the tendency to perceive something based on what you expect to see
Core Theory: when you are able to e.g. pick out someone easily in a crowd because you are expecting to see them
Core Theory: how we are feeling affecting what we see, e.g. hungry people seeing pictures of food as brighter than if they were full
Core Theory Criticism: 'If perception is based so heavily on individual experiences, then why do people tend to perceive the world in a ______ ___?'
Core Theory Criticism: 'If perception requires experience, then how do we explain the _______ ____'s ability to perceive the world?'
Core Theory Criticism: The effect of illusions actually _______ rather than _______ constructivist theory.'
Alternative Theory: name of theory
Alternative Theory: the idea that perception is dominated by what enters through the senses
Core Study: psychologists
Core Study: year of study
Core Study: number of male college students tested
Core Study: contents of first quadrant
Core Study: contents of second quadrant, objects of _____ size
Core Study: contents of third quadrant, objects of ________ size
Core Study: contents of fourth quadrant, variety of 3 _______ figures
Core Study: as the students observed all 4 quadrants, the experiment was a ________ _______ design
Core Study: the students were able to estimate the distance to the _____ objects well
Core Study: the students were unable to estimate the distance to the _______-shaped objects and the _______ figures very well
Core Study Limitation: 'It is difficult to draw conclusions from a sample that is not very ____________.'
Core Study Limitation: 'The task and setting were ________ and unfamiliar.'
Core Study Limitation: 'Although (the psychologists) used questionnaires, it is still ________.'
Applications: advertising designed to subconsciously enter our mind
Applications: _______ parts of an advert should be on the left side of the screen to be interpreted by the right side of the brain
Applications: messages on the right side of the screen, to be interpretd by the left side of the brain, deal with _______
Applications: 'Perception of an object can be affected by the ______ it is presented in, e.g. a pie might look bigger on a small plate next to few vegetables.'

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