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Moment/QuoteEpisode Name
Their First Kiss
Very Close Talking
Juliet asks Shawn out
They Become a couple
Ballpark franks and a stroll on the boardwalk
Shawn...Almost confesses his feelings (cereal box speech)
Shawn says 'I Love You' over the phone
First Meeting
Shawn 'saves' Juliet from an axe fight
Shawn finds Juliet's missing college boyfriend
Moment/QuoteEpisode Name
They have a couple's skate
'Yeah...pretty much perfect...'
Juliet checks out Shawn's butt
Shawn gives her a 'palm reading'
The Ladder scene, talking about love curses
'You gave me the kick in the pants I needed to get going.' 'I would never kick you in the pants.' 'You didn't give up.' 'And I'll never give up.'
Shawn lets Juliet get away ('I'm so sorry...for snapping at you earlier.')
Shawn, albeit drunkenly, asks Juliet to move in with him
'I will protect you.' 'And I'll protect you right back.' 'I think you're swell.'

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