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QuoteEpisode NamePerson Speaking (respective order)
'Wow, Lassiter's really got your goat huh?' 'Yeah he does. And I want it back. God knows what he's doing to that poor thing.'Juliet, Shawn
'Crashed and burned. And somehow crashed again in Chile, only to be eaten by my soccer teammates.'Shawn
'You know fungus is my bread and butter.' 'You know what my bread and butter is? Bread and butter. Fungus is never entered into the equation.'Gus, Shawn
'Hey, Lass, the frozen yogurt guy's out front. You wanna go grab some? Oh wait. You can't.'Shawn
'Axe for men? Whaaat?!?' Shawn
'I won't have you run around here like a kid in a candy store.' 'I've worked in a candy store before. And it's NOTHING like this.'Lassiter, Shawn
'If we've learned anything over the past four years, it's that you can't do this without me.' 'Dude. We haven't learned...anything...over the years.'Gus, Shawn
'I kicked a board in half!' 'No, you didn't.' 'You're right. I didn't. But it splintered.'Shawn, Gus, Shawn
'Dude, purple octopus. Twelve o'clock'Shawn
'Dude! This is Silence of the Lambs! Which means we're BOTH Scott Glenn!!!'Shawn
'The answer is a yard or a garden. I would have accepted both YARD and GARDEN.'Shawn, Gus, Shawn
'All actresses are crazy! I know, I dated one in college. She had a nose ring...'Lassiter
'It's not typically effective as an aerosol.' 'Unlike Axe for Men, which is highly effective. It's like catnip for women.'Dr., Shawn
'We need to step it up! Literally! And we need to stomp the yard... figuratively.'Shawn
'I shared that conversation with Gus in the men's room at the Red Robin, where were you hiding?' 'You butt-dialed me.'Shawn, Henry
QuoteEpisode NamePerson Speaking (respective order)
'I don't like little liars who steal nail polish and then pass out when you slap them a little bit on the back of the head.'Juliet
'If you go to prison Shawn, I will not wait for you.' 'You won't have to, I'll escape. We both know that.'Juliet, Shawn
'Are you crazy?' 'I wouldn't say crazy. Maybe an eccentric who looks good in jeans.'Gus, Shawn
'It's called impulse control. Controlling one's impulses. For example, I see that cockroach and I say, 'I can't eat that!''Shawn
'Clean my clock??? You would take time out of your day to clean another man's timepiece? And that would be a bad thing? I'd be like, 'dude! Thanks for spritzin' my watch!''Shawn
'Shawn, I am not hitting on a girl!' 'Why? Does that scare you? Or does that not scare you? And does that scare you?'Juliet, Shawn
'I'm never doing anything blindly with you again. I learned that at the Mexican border. Twice.'Gus
'I was too busy RSVPing my invitation to shut it.'Juliet
'You rode halfway around the world on a motorcycle with a bumper sticker that said Pucker Up and Blow!'Gus
'Are we clear?' 'Like buttah!'Lassiter, Shawn
'Jules, I will crack your case like an egg. Then we'll make umlauts. With shallots...and JUSTICE.'Shawn
'All romance ends in despair. Or death. But mostly despair. Hopeless, gut-wrenching despair.'Lassiter
'He totally man-handled me. I dropped my shoe.'Mary
'Partners don't lie to one another, and partners don't run off mid-investigation, and partners do not go through my purse, find my phone and send a picture of my dog to every guy iJuliet
'Just call me the suckstopper. Actually, you know what? Scratch that. Don't ever call me that.'Shawn

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