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Can you name the Studios that have won Best Fill Academy Awards?

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No. of WinsStudioFirst Win
12Wings 1929
12It Happened One Night 1935
12Rebecca 1941
11Cavalcade 1934
10The Broadway Melody 1930
9All Quiet On The Western Front 1930
9The Life Of Emile Zola 1938
4Amadeus 1985
4The English Patient 1997
3American Beauty 2000
2Cimarron 1931
No. of WinsStudioFirst Win
2Crash 2006
1Hamlet 1949
1Tom Jones 1964
1The Godfather 1973
1The Deer Hunter 1979
1Driving Miss Daisy 1990
1Shakespeare In Love 1999
1The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King 2004
1Crash 2006
1The Hurt Locker 2010

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