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3rd Place in BB13A
Not nominating your target until after PoVB
2nd Evicted in BB13C
On BB8 and BB13D
Vote to _______E
HouseGuest that does not do much in the game but go to where the power is.F
A power won in a weekly competition that can remove one nominee from the block.G
Eats only slop for the weekH
2nd Place BB6I
3rd Place in both seasons she was inJ
Didn't make Jury in either season he was inK
Evicted after losing to Brendon in a competition in BB13L
Second Evicted in BB12M
___________ CeremonyN
In a showmance with April in BB10O
2nd Place in BB13P
Dick ______ the game in BB13.Q
Played for two seasons and won one of them.R
Rachel/Brendon, Jeff/Jordan, April/OllieS
Twist of BB9T
When a HouseGuest receives all of the votes to evict (By a vote of #-0), they are evicted _____________.U
Danielle (BB3) and Alison (BB4) are two of BB's greatest ____________.V
Dan, Jordan, Hayden, and Rachel are all ___________ of BB.W
Twist of BB4X
Main color of the memory wall in BB12Y
3rd Place in BB8Z

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