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Who plays Annie/Hallie?
Who plays Elizabaeth James?
Who plays Nick Parker?
What year was the orginial Parent Trap released?
Where is Hallie from?
Where is Annie from?
What is the opening song to the movie?
What song is playing during Hallie and Annie's poker match?
What song plays as Hallie first drives through London?
What song plays when Hallie and her mom walk through London to go to the studio?
What song is played during the photo shoot?
When Meredith pulls up in her red sports car, what song is playing on her speakers?
What song plays during the credits?
What is the name of the ship Nick and Elizabeth were married on?
What is the name of the camp Hallie and Annie go to?
What is the name of the camp director and her daughter? (same name)
What color is Hallie's duffle bag?
What food are Hallie and Annie allergic to?
When a gust of wind blows through the cabin window, a picture of which celebrity is ruined?
When is Hallie and Annie's birthday?
What is the name of Hallie's stuffed animal?
What car does Nick pick up Annie in?
Which habit of Annie does her dad notice in the car?
What is the name of Hallie's dog?
What is the name of Hallie's horse?
How old is Meredith Blake?
What is Meredith's job?
Where does Annie tell Chessy her friend from camp is vacationing?
What is Elizabeth James's job?
What is Annie's address in London?
What does Hallie mean by 'the F word' ?
What is the name of Annie's butler?
What does Annie depict in her '911' fax she sends Hallie?
What fake name does Annie go by when she calls Hallie on the phone?
What is the name of the hotel where Elizabeth and Nick reunite?
What does Meredith try to scare away by hitting sticks together?
What did Elizabeth throw at Nick on the day she packed?
Quote: 'In your honor, a ___'
Quote: 'That girl is without a doubt, the lowest, most awful____ to ever walk the planet!
Quote: 'I ____, and you don't'
Quote: 'I'lll take a ___' (What Hallie and Annie both say before challenging the other to fencing and poker)
Quote: 'Oh, sure, I love Oreos. At home, I eat them with... I eat them with____'
Quote: 'You're nervous? An eleven year old is ___'
Quote: 'Sisters? Hallie, we're __'
Quote: 'Is that my girl? That___?'
Quote: 'I'll always remember my grandfather and how he always smelled of ___'
Quote: 'First change I make in that household is to send that two-faced little brat off to boarding school in ___'
Quote (In response to Meredith): 'Ooo____'
Quote: [startled] 'Oh Chessy, you gave me a ___'
Quote: 'Don't look at me - I don't ___ '
Quote: 'If you ask me, the bouquet is a little too robust for a Merlot. But then again I'm partial to the softer ____
Quote: 'I mean black tie, white gown, the whole ____'
Quote: 'Just relax... sail through time... back to ___'
Quote: 'She went ballistic. She started yelling in ___'
Quote: 'Me? I don't think so. I dont even have my____'
Quote: 'Is that clear?' '___'
Quote: 'Who are you, ____? Yes, I am talking to you.'
Quote 'and she chooses today to show up totally___'.
Quote: 'The man went completely ashen. Like I was the ___'
Quote: 'Here's what's going on, buddy, the day we say 'I do' is the day I ship those brats off to ___ '
Quote: 'T-H-E-M, Them. ____?'
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