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Where did Nathan Mnookin move to? (Place)
Who was the first advisor of AZA? (name)
When did AZA join B'nai B'rith? (Year)
Who created the Five Folds of Programming? (Name)
Who was the first president of the Mother Chapter #1? (Name)
In what year did Dr. Borris D. Bogen present his Five Folds of Programming? (Year)
When did BBYO leave B'nai B'rith? (Year)
Who will win at Invite for 2014 who's chapter number is also 2553? (Chapter Name)
Who was the second advisor of AZA, later to become the founder of AZA? (Name)
In 1933, which was the 10th anniversary of AZA, how many chapters were there in the U.S.? (Number)
What does AZA stand for? (Title)
When was BBG created? (Year)
When and where was the first International Convention? (Year, Location)
What does AIT stand for? (Title)
When was the first AZA meeting created? (year)
What are the AZA board positions highest to lowest? (Godol-Gizbor)
Who was the first Grand Aleph Godol (GAG) of AZA? (Name)
Who was the second Grand Aleph Godol (GAG) of AZA? (Name)

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